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MES54 Methodology of Educational Research(IGNOU Help book for MES-54 Methodology of Educational Research in English Medium)

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Book                               :          MES-054 Methodology of Educational Research

Author                            :          Anjula Singh

ISBN                                :          978-93-82688-38-9

Binding                           :          Paperback

Publisher                       :          Gullybaba Publishing House (P) Ltd.

Number of Pages        :          349

Language                      :          English


MES-054 Methodology of Educational Research

Contents Covered

 Block-1 Educational Research

Unit-1 Methods of Acquiring Knowledge
Unit-2 Educational Research: Meaning, Types, Scope, and Limitations
Unit-3 Research Paradigm: Quantitative Research
Unit-4 Research Paradigm: Qualitative Research

Block-2 Research Problem

Unit-1 Survey, Review and Importance of Related Literature
Unit-2 Selection, Definition and Evaluation of Research Problem
Unit-3 Hypothesis: Meaning, Types, Characteristics, and Testing of Hypotheses
Unit-4 Preparation of the Research Proposal

 Block-3 Data Collection and Analysis

Unit-1 Sampling Methods
Unit-2 Tools of Research - I
Unit-3 Tools of Research - II

Block-4 Analysis and Interpretation of Data

Unit-1 Types of Data: Quantitative and Qualitative
Unit-2 Analysis of Quantitative Data: Descriptive Statistics
Unit-3 Analysis of Quantitative Data: Inferential Statistics (Parametric)
Unit-4 Analysis of Quantitative Data: Inferential Statistics (Non-Parametric)
Unit-5 Analysis of Qualitative Data

Block-5Methods of Research

Unit-1 Philosophical and Historical Research
Unit-2 Descriptive Research (Including Case Study)
Unit-3 Experimental Research
Unit-4 Ex-Post Facto Research
Unit-5 Action Research

Block-6Research Report and Dissemination

Unit-1 Meaning and Scope of Research Report
Unit-2 Formats of Research Reports
Unit-3 Presentation of Tables and Figures in the Research Report
Unit-4 Editing, Footnotes, References, Bibliography
Unit-5 Dissemination of Research Findings


Chapter-1 Educational Research
Chapter-2 Research Problem
Chapter-3 Data Collection and Analysis
Chapter-4 Analysis and Interpretation of Data
Chapter-5 Methods of Research
Chapter-6 Research Report and Dissemination

Appendix Tables

Table (A) Binomial Distribution
Table (B) :Normal Area Table
Table (C)Distribution
Table (D)Critical Values of F-Ratio (5% level of significance)
Table (E) Critical Values of F-Distribution (1% level of significance)
Table (F):Critical Values of Chi-square Distribution
Table (G)Conversion of Person r into a corresponding Fisher’s coefficient
Table (H) :Table of critical values of T in the Wilicoxon matched pairs signed ranks test

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December: 2013 (Solved)

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