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"Mera" Sukh "Kiske" Hath

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Book                           :         "Mera" Sukh "Kiske" Hath

Author                        :         BK Dr. Murarilal Tyagi

ISBN                            :         978-93-86276-11-7

Binding                       :         Paperback

Publisher                   :         Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages    :         162

Language                  :         Hindi

Revised Edition        :         Oct, 2016


"Mera" Sukh "Kiske" Hath

Dr. Murari Lal Tyagi has presented the accurate answers of abstract questions to get delight and success in human life by Brahma Kumari Shivani Behen.

You are prominently rightful to obtain the wide prosperity and rejoice in your life and you can obtain it with ease. Dr. Murari Lal Tyagi has studied intensely on his endless achievements before creating his many works on issues like Society, Spiritual, and Inspirational also done on various issues of society from a long time. At the same time, identically, Dr. Murari Lal Tyagi has learned about this world's different sages, learned men, saints-monks and great entities also has recognized the sayings of philosophers with depth.

In this work, he has presented the answers of the questions of prosperous and happy life by Braham Kumari Shivani Behen.

This composition teaches us–

  • Wonderful secrets of comfortable life
  • Easy and accurate wisdom to gain the body-heart and fortune with spiritual peace
  • Easy origin to remove problems, depression, anxiety and ailment and gaining prosperity or happiness.
  • Treasure of relief from anxiety and tension
  • Effective ways to collecting the good health and energy
  • Secrets of longevity      

Today, the compositions of Dr. Murari Lal Tyagi are included in most popular and most readable compositions. Many of his books (Barrister, Oochi Deewar, Mlanmana, Veedai, Beemar Kaun, Dukhaant, Sankalpjayi, Ek Kadam and Veh Koi Aur, Naya Director, Mann Udaas Kyo, Badalti Lakeerey, Heere Moti (Accomplished), Nai Taalim (Play), Isaaniyat Ka Paath (Child Literature), Pyare Baccho (Moral Education) thousands of copies have sold out. Murari Lal Tyagi is also a popular personality of society who is periodically raised the issues on Society, Business or Spiritual in very simple language by his pen and he makes people visit the reality and with that he is also keep providing the divine wisdom to the people.

Affluent with encouragement or obtaining the way to make life blissful 'Mera Sukh Kiske Haath': Appropriate answers of abstract questions (By B.K. Shivani Behen) do the observance by all means.




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SKU 978-93-86276-11-7
Author N/A
Language Hindi
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