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Men are from Mars, Women are form Venus

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Book                             :        Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

Author                          :        John Gray

ISBN                              :        978-81-72235-03-1

Binding                         :        Paperback

Publisher                     :        Harper Collins Publishers India

Number of Pages      :        307

Language                    :        English


Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

In this bestseller, John Gray tries to understand the universal problems that men and women face in their relationships due to the fundamental dissimilarities between the two sexes. Dividing the book into 13 chapters, Gray discusses the many different aspects of a relationship. From the differences in understanding and perspective, to the way the two sexes perceive relations and the way they handle stress, the book provides interesting insights into communication, emotional needs and the various ways of understanding and solving problems.

Beginning with his own story, Gray discusses the many important yet ignored concepts for a successful relationship. This manual reveals how women and men are undoubtedly different. The book is inclusive of chapters like how to motivate the opposite sex, discovering our emotional needs, avoiding arguments, asking for support and keeping the magic of love alive.

Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, in an engaging manner, enlightens the readers on how to react, reaching out, backing off, what to expect from the other person and meeting each other’s needs. Gray reveals unique strategies for decreasing the tension and enhancing love by understanding the differences. The book also offers practical tips to reduce disappointment and frustration in relations. The book is aimed at helping couples understand each other in the easiest way possible.

According to Gray, men and women seem to be from two different planets with different languages and different needs. Problems are always unavoidable, but instead of these problems being the sources of rejection and resentment, they can be turned into opportunities for increasing love, deepening trust and care. First published in 1992, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus sold more than fifty million copies worldwide and is one of the highest selling non-fiction books. A movie starring Reese Witherspoon by Summit Entertainment is expected soon.

About John Gray

John Gray is a popular author, lecturer, and relationship counsellor from America. His other bestsellers include 75 Ways To Say I Love You, Mars and Venus In The Workplace, What You Feel You Can Heal, Mars and Venus On A Date, The Mars & Venus Diet & Exercise Solution, Mars And Venus In The Bedroom, and Mars and Venus in Love.

Born in Texas, Gray graduated from the University of Texas and University of St. Thomas. He has a Ph.D from Columbia Pacific University and an honorary doctorate from Governors State University. Besides writing, he is also a family therapist. Gray is an eminent member of the American Counseling Association and the International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors. He was presented with the Smart Marriages Impact Award in 2001. He also writes columns for New York Daily News, The Denver Post, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and New York Newsday. Formerly married to Barbara De Angelis, he is now married to Bonnie and has three daughters.

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