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Meditations To Heal Your Life

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Book                            :          Meditations To Heal Your Life

Author                         :          Louise L. Hay

ISBN                             :          978-81-90565-51-6

Number of Pages     :          255 

Binding                        :          Paperback

Publisher                    :          Hay House India

Language                   :          English

Editon                          :          2009




Meditations To Heal Your Life

Louise Hay is known for her self-help books that explain her philosophy of improving one’s life through positive thoughts and affirmations. In Meditations To Heal Your Life, she shares her views on many topics like Fear, Addiction, Authority, Barriers and Spiritual Laws.

What are given are observations on certain aspects of life. These are the author’s own beliefs. The reader is free to agree or disagree with the statements. These statements just serve to inspire the readers to either use these or come up with their own affirmations to heal whatever part of their life is presenting a problem to them.

Louise L. Hay firmly believes in the power of thoughts and convictions to effect a change in one’s life. To begin the healing, one has to visualize and affirm a change for the better. They need to free themselves from getting dragged down by their problems and start looking forward. Positive thinking and affirmations help in this process. To inspire readers, the author shares her own thoughts and beliefs on various subjects.
Each topic is dealt with in a single paragraph of statements creating positivity and hope. They offer keen insights into many everyday aspects of life. The affirmations are simple yet elegant, enticing the reader to see things from a different point of view.

Meditations To Heal Your Life contains thoughts on numerous subject like Ageing, Choice, Business, Consciousness, Beauty, Decision Making, Communication, Forgiveness, Money, Subconscious Mind, Religion, Wisdom and Unconditional Love.

These inspire the reader to tap into their own powers of creative thinking, urging them to come up with their own statements of belief on all these topics and others not discussed here.

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