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Mathematics Lesson Plan (IGNOU Help book for Mathematics Lesson Plan in English Medium)

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Book                               :         Mathematics Lesson Plan

Author                            :         GPH Panel of Experts

ISBN                                :         978-93-82688-27-3

Binding                           :         Paperback

Publisher                       :         Gullybaba Publishing House (P) Ltd.

Number of Pages        :         167

Language                      :         English


Maths Lesson Plan


1. Introduction

2. Teaching of Mathematics

3. Different Lesson Planning
• Rational Numbers      8th Class
• Operations on Real Number     8th Class
• Polygon       8th Class
• If two Lines Intersect each other, then the
vertically opposite Angles are equal    9th Class
• Triangle related Theorem     9th Class
• Parallelogram      8th Class
• Constructing Quadrilateral     8th Class
• Triangle related Theorem (Angle opposite to
equal sides of an isosceles triangle are equal.)   9th Class
• Parallelogram related Theorem     9th Class
• Pythagoras Theorem     10th Class
• The length of tangent drawn from an
external point to a circle are equal    10th Class
• Evaluation of Distance Formula     10th Class

• Evaluation of Section Formula     10th Class
• Finding area of a triangle if the coordinates
of the vertices of a triangle are given   10th Class
• Find the Cost Price/Selling Price, Profit (%), Loss (%) 8th Class
• Sales Tax/Value Added Tax    8th Class
• Compound Interest  8th Class
• Area of Trapezium   8th Class
• Area of Polygon       8th Class
• Addition and Substraction of Algebraic Expression 8th Class
• Applying Identities     8th Class
• Trigonometric Ratios of Complementry Angles  10th Class
• Trigonometric Identities     10th Class
• Surface of Area of Cube     9th Class
• Volume of Cuboid     9th Class

4. Micro Teaching

5. Lesson Planning based on Microteaching
• Area of the Cross Roads     7th Class
• Operations on Rational Numbers    8th Class
• Linear Equations in the Two Variables   8th Class
• Relationship between Zeroes and Coefficients
of a polynomial variables    8th Class

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Language English
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