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LOVE JIHAD …Ek Chidiya

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Book                        :         LOVE JIHAD …Ek Chidiya

Author                      :         Ram 'Pujari'

ISBN                         :         978-93-86276-55-1

Binding                     :         Paperback

Publisher                  :         Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages     :         275

Language                 :         Hindi

Edition                      :         2018


LOVE JIHAD …Ek Chidiya

“LOVE JIHAD …EK CHIDIYA” is a ‘Love Story’ of a couple belonging to two different religions. This story shows how our society has been captivated by the chains of religions and politics, Sonia and Sahil, a pair in love with each other, when face the truth of human society, remain stunned finding themselves in such an ocean of problems, where there is no way out. They both have to pay a great cost for their love…’Love’ sprouts only in hearts, t knows not the differences of religions and society. But, how sad it is that ‘some misguided people’–who are unaware of meaning of religion, society as well as love are a cancer for this society. The number of such persons is not very large yet they harm whole of the human society with–their shameful activities…

This story of Sonia and Sahil’s true love states the ‘Love Jihad’ in a totally different way. On one hand this story states the unease of lives of two lovers whilst on the other hand it hammers the evil thinking of our society. Ending with fearful results, this story will leave you with the curious minds to think the possible ways to live in a society where ‘Love’ will not be taken as a crime.

About the Author Ram ‘Pujari’

  • A graduate from Delhi University
  • Besides writing involved in religious and social activities.
  • Worked as a teacher and trainer of Computer Hardware/Software for more than 10 years.
  • Sr. Manager and Consultant in a well established industrial unit in Delhi.
  • Yoga trainer


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SKU 978-93-86276-55-1
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Language Hindi
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