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Jyotish: Prem-Sambandh evam Vavahik Jeewan

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Book                        :         Jyotish: Prem-Sambandh evam Vavahik Jeewan

Author                      :         Ajay Devrishii

ISBN                         :         978-93-86276-59-9

Binding                     :         Paperback

Publisher                  :         Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages     :         94

Language                 :         Hindi

Edition                      :         2018


Jyotish: Prem-Sambandh evam Vavahik Jeewan

About the Book

Through this book the author has made every possible effort to describe the good and bad approaches of love-relations and married life.

In this book the author has prescribed the specific rules of Astrology (Jyotish), such as-how the sense of Love (Fifth Sense) is related to the Marriage (Seventh Sense). Relationship of the third sense (which is called the root of love also) with the sense of Love (the fifth sense) and the Eleventh sense (For fulfilment of wishes) as well as with marriage (the seventh sense). In this book the author has also described the good and bad results of planetary effects on love relations and married life. A detailed description of happy and sad phases of love-relations and married life have been presented in the form of chapters.

The relations that are not acceptable in the society or so called illegal relations have been described in this book expressively to guide the readers for steering their love towards the right direction. This book is a perfect guide for the readers to lead a purposeful love-life and to solve the problems of married life easily to make it a pleasing bonding between the married couple.

In the end a chapter named as ‘Gandharva Vivah’ or ‘Love-Marriage’ is very important. In this chapter the prospective situations for love-marriage and the conditions responsible for not reaching the end point have been described openly. After reacting this chapter one can know about these situations easily.

About the Acharya Ajay Devrishii

Acharya Ajay Devrishi is an M.A. (Hindi) and M.B.A. (Finance) from Delhi University. Working at various posts in private sector Acharya Devrishi continued his writing work as a poet unbarred. For last fifteen years he has been undertaking the research work in old Indian Shastras such as–Jyotish Shastra (Astrology), Vaastu Shastra and Feng-shui etc. Based on this research work a book authored by him “Jyotish: Love-Relations and Married Life” is ready for his readers. Author ‘Ajay Devrishi’ is a religious and social activist. He has achieved a lot of appreciation on social networking sites for his poems on various subjects like Love, Life, Nature, Religion, Politics and Ehsas (Feeling) etc. He got inspired with immense love and encouragement to approach his readers through ‘Deewanagi Ki Madhushala’.

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SKU 978-93-86276-59-9
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Language Hindi
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