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MES14 Social Context of Education (IGNOU Help book for MES-14 Social Context of Education in English Medium)

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Book                           :       MES-014 Societal Context of Education

Author                        :       GPH Panel of Experts

ISBN                            :       978-93-82688-41-9

Binding                       :       Paperback

Publisher                   :       Gullybaba Publishing House (P) Ltd.

Number of Pages    :         236

Language                  :       English

Edition                        :       2018


MES-014 Societal Context of Education


Block-1  Education and Society: Concepts and Perspectives
Unit-1  Education and Socialisation
Unit-2  Education, Social Structure, Social Stratification and Social Mobility
Unit-3  Social Change, Development and Education

Block-2  Political and Economic Perspectives of Education
Unit-4  Economics of Education
Unit-5  Political Economy of Education
Unit-6  Education Policy, Decision Making and Political Perspectives of Education

Block-3 Social Context of School
Unit-7  School as a Social Organisation
Unit-8  Schooling as a Social-cultural Process
Unit-9  Teacher as an Educational Input
Unit-10  Teaching Profession
Unit-11  Community Participation in Education

Block-4  Knowledge and Education
Unit-12  Social Organisation of Knowledge
Unit-13  Ideology and Curriculum
Unit-14  Medium of Instruction
Unit-15  Mass Media and Education   

Block-5  Emerging Concerns in Indian Education
Unit-16  Social Diversity and Education
Unit-17  Equity and Excellence in Education
Unit-18  Alternatives in Education
Unit-19  Recent Trends in Indian Education

Chapter-1 Education and Society: Concepts and Perspectives 
Chapter-2 Political and Economic Perspectives of Education 
Chapter-3 Social Context of School 
Chapter-4 Knowledge and Education 
Chapter-5 Emerging Concerns in Indian Education 

1. Solution Paper - June 2013
2. Solution Paper - Dec 2013
3. Solution Paper - June 2014
4. Solution Paper - Dec 2014
5. Solution Paper - June 2015

6. Question Paper - Dec 2015
7. Question Paper - June 2016
8. Question Paper - Dec 2016
9. Question Paper - June 2017
10.Question Paper - Dec 2017
11. Solution Paper - June 2018

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