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If Tomorrow Comes

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Book                              :        If Tomorrow Comes

Author                           :        Sidney Sheldon

Publisher                      :        Printed and bound at Thomson Press (India) Ltd.

ISBN                               :        978-81-7223-488-1

Language                     :        English

Binding                          :        Paper Back

Numbers of Pages     :        501

Edition                           :        2013


If tomorrow Comes

Tracy Whitney, the protagonist of If Tomorrow Comes, is young, intelligent, beautiful and also very naive and trusting. She is a computer operator at a large bank, and she is engaged to be married to the very eligible Charles Stanhope III.

Her whole life is turned upside down, when her mother commits suicide. A man belonging to the New Orleans Mafia has tricked Doris Whitney, her mother, into handing over her husband’s business to him. After stripping it of all assets, he returned the company to the woman, leaving her bankrupt.

Shattered by her mother’s death and the cause of it, Tracy, in a blind fury, decides to confront the man responsible. But, her encounter with Joe Romano ends in disaster. Tracy is accused of having stolen a valuable painting belonging to him.

Tracy is further tricked by her own defense lawyer into pleading guilty. The judge, who is also in the pay of the Mafia, sentences her to fifteen years in prison. Prison life exposes her to more horrors. But, she gains the protection of a fellow prisoner, Ernestine Littlechap, and life becomes better for her. Tracy gets out long before her prison term is over. But, she has to face further challenges as she can never get back to her old life with a prison record. Her experiences have hardened her and sharpened her wits. Her path in life changes, but she becomes highly successful at what she does.

She has also not forgotten the people who sent her to prison. She had made a promise to herself, in her most hopeless hours, that she would not let these people get away unpunished.

If Tomorrow Comes was published in 1985, and a three part mini series was released in 1986.

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