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Book                               :        Shaktipeeth 

Author                            :        Chandresh Vimla Tripathi

ISBN                                :        978-93-82688-91-4

Number of Pages        :        124

Binding                           :        Paperback

Publisher                       :        Gullybaba Publishing House (P) Ltd.

Language                      :        Hindi        

Edition                            :        2016


“Shaktipeeth”, A Hindi Book based upon Religious Tourism

Indian Sub-Continent, the land blessed by the gods & goddesses, the land throbbing with spirituality leaves one spellbound and forces the mind to meditate upon the reality of life and get submerged into the infinite ocean of divinity and discover the self. Visit a different kind of India ie.Spiritual Indian sub-continent with the serene & holy feel of religious tourism focusing on Shaktipeethas.

The book in Hindi “Shaktipeeth” is an attempt to retell some of those stories related to goddess Sati & her complete devotion & respect for her husband god Shiva. Hopefully it may encourage a reader who is interested in the pursuit of spirituality. These are the mythological stories about the power of Shakti which become more concentrated in the places where the body parts & the ornaments of goddess Sati fell when she plunged into the blazing fire due to the fact that her father Daksha had humiliated lord Shiva, her consort. When Shiva came to know about this he carried the charred body of Devi Sati on his shoulder. By this the universe stopped. To save universe lord Vishnu had cut the body of Devi Sati with His Sudershan Chakra accordance with mythology. In this process the various organs & ornaments of goddess Sati fell at different locations of that time Bharatvarsh (Now in India which then comprised of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Srilanka) which are considered as sacred places exuding a power & Shakti which can be experienced only on going there. Our book in Hindi “Shaktipeeth”, the first of its kind is written in crisp prose & has incorporated in it a short description of the place, its mythological relevance, how to reach the places & also accommodation etc with the essence of religious tourism as per our likings. All the 52 Shaktipeeths and their spiritual relevance have been described in this Hindi Book keeping mind the needs & comfort of the tourists & travelers.

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SKU 978-93-82688-91-4
Author Devi Vimla
Language Hindi
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