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Mithai : Khushi Ke Avsar Par Kuch Khas

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Book                              :            Mithai : Khushi Ke Avsar Par Kuch Khas

Author                           :            Sanjeev Kappor 

ISBN                               :            978-93-50642-67-2

Binding                          :            Paperback

Publisher                      :            Rajpal 

Number of Pages       :            96

Edition                           :            2015

Language                     :            Hindi


Mithai : Khushi Ke Avsar Par Kuch Khas

Sanjeev Kapoor, Indian cooking is the best location in the world. His 24x7 TV channel foodfood, spread over India and abroad, and he's written several cookbooks his restaurant to his testimony is India's most renowned chefs. The written Cookbook 'Ahan! Chocolate to 'cookbooks Awards Gormmand World 2013 "India's" Best Cookbook Gormmand photography "has received the award.

Delicious, magical and seductive sweets, everyone in front of their sweetness is lost and life is bound in the dessert. Now you only eat sweets but also to give these enchanted create your kitchen with his hands, whenever Chocolate Bfrhri, chum-chum, almond slice, Balushahi, Gudpare, Rsmlai feel like eating just open the book and start creating, in this book, each recipe is explained step-by-step. This lets you easily create a mouth watering these delicious sweets and your family and friends can celebrate the happy occasion and better.

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SKU 978-93-50642-67-2
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