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Essential Kerala Cookbook

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  Book                           :     Essential Kerala Cookbook

  Author                        :     Vijayan Kannampilly

  ISBN                            :     978-01-43029-50-2

  Binding                       :     Paper Back

  Publisher                   :     penguin metro reads

  Number of Pages    :     291

  Language                  :     English 

  Edition                        :     2003



God's Own Country is known for many things, and best of all is its unique cuisine. Mixing coconut oil and spices in a way subtle enough to seduce the taste buds and make one's dance hasn't been enough for the Malayalis, as their culinery techniques have reached cult status. In this book, Vijayan Kannampilly ventures to show readers from the world over how Kerala manages to wow food connoisseurs time and again with its cooking. He shows how to make Kerala's famous mango curry with curd and coconut, and how to leave one's guests with smacking lips as one masters his Tapioca potage. He also reveals the secrets to making a stir-fried banana flower with coconut, how best to serve deep-fried meat of all types, and the maverick spiced chicken curry which is the test of Travancore Kitchens everywhere. From the duck curry to Prawns with potato and coconut and stir-fried crab with coconut, learn how to wow anyone lucky enough to sit at your table armed with an array of recipes taken from God's Own Country itself.


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