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ESO5/15 Society & Religion (IGNOU Help book for ESO-5/15 in English Medium)

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Book                         :        ESO-5/15 Society & Religion

Author                       :        GPH Panel of Experts

ISBN                          :        978-93-81638-29-3

Binding                      :       Paperback

Publisher                   :       Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages       :       195

Language                   :       English

Edition                        :       2018


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ESO-5/15 Society and Religion


Block- 1 The Study of Religion
Unit-1 Sociology and the study of religion
Unit-2 Evolutionary theories of religion
Unit-3 Functionalist theories of religion
Unit-4 The study of religious beliefs
Unit-5 The study of religious symbols

Block- 2 Perspectives On Religion
Unit-6 Comparative sociological theories of ritual
Unit-7 Ritual-I : a case study from africa
Unit-8 Ritual-I1 : a case study from south-east asia
Unit-9 Civil religion
Unit-10 Religion and the economic order
Unit-11 Religion and politicsistate

Block- 3 Religion and Related Aspects
Unit-12 Religious organisations : sects, cults and denominations
Unit-13 Religious specialists :shamans, priests and prophets
Unit-14 Religion social stability and change
Unit-15 Fundamentalism : some case studies
Unit-16 Secularism and secularisation

Block- 4 Religious Pluralism-I
Unit-17 Religious pluralism in india: as fact and value
Unit-18 Tribal religion: two case studies

Block- 5 Religious Pluralism-II
Unit-19 Hinduism
Unit-20 Jainism and Buddhism
Unit-21 Christianity
Unit-22 Islam
Unit-23 Sikhism

Block- 6 Religious Movements : Medieval and Modern
Unit-24 Medieval Religious Movements I - Bhakti And Sufism
Unit-25 Medieval Religious Movements I - Veerashaivism
Unit-26 Modern Religious Movements II - Arya Samaj
Unit-27 Modern Religious Movements II : Ramakrishna Mission

Block- 7 Social Significance of Religion
Unit-28 Life Cycle Rituals-I: Birth and Marriage
Unit-29 Life Cycle Ritual-11: Death
Unit-30 Social Significance of Pilgrimages
Unit-31 Social Significance of Religious Festivals
Unit-32 Fundamentalism, Communalism and Secularism

1. Solution Paper - June 2007
2. Solution Paper - Dec 2007
3. Solution Paper - Dec 2008
4. Solution Paper - June 2009
5. Question Paper - Dec 2009
6. Question Paper - June 2010
7. Question Paper - Dec 2010
8. Question Paper - June 2011
9. Question Paper - Dec 2011
10. Question Paper - June 2012
11. Question Paper - Dec 2012
12. Question Paper - June 2013
13. Question Paper - Dec 2013
14. Question Paper - June 2014
15. Question Paper - Dec 2014
16. Question Paper - June 2015
17. Question Paper - Dec 2015
18. Solution Paper - June 2016
19. Solution Paper - Dec 2016
20. Solution Paper - June 2017
21. Question Paper - Dec 2017
22. Solution Paper - June 2018

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