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EPA-6 Public Policy

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Book                             :       EPA - 6 Public Policy

Author                          :       Neetu Sharma

ISBN                              :       978-93-81638-38-5

Binding                         :       Paperback

Publisher                     :       Gullybaba Publishing House (P) Ltd.

Number of Pages      :       231

Language                    :       English

Edition                          :       2016


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EPA - 6 Public Policy


Block- 1 Introduction to Public Policy
Unit-1 Public Policy : Meaning and Nature
Unit-2 Policy Cycle : Constraints in Policy Making
Unit-3 Contextual Setting of Public Policy Making
Unit-4 Importance Setting of Public Study : Modern Context
Unit-5 Emerging Discipline of policy Science

Block- 2 Policy Making : Structures and Processes-I
Unit-6   Inter-Governmental Relations
Unit-7 Role of Political Executive
Unit-8 Role of Bureaucracy
Unit-9 Role of Legislature

Block- 3 Policy Making : Structures and Processes-II
Unit-10 Role of Judiciary
Unit-11 Interaction Amongst Various Organs
Unit-12 Policy Making Process in India: The Case Study of The Bonded Labour System (Abolition) Act 1976-I
Unit-13 Policy Making Process in India: The Case Study of The Bonded Labour System (Abolition) Act 1976-II

Block- 4 Public Policy Making : Major Determinants
Unit-14 Interest Groups and Policy-Making
Unit-15 Political Parties and Policy-Making
Unit-16 Mass Media
Unit-17  Social Movements
Unit-18 International Agencies

Block-5 Policy Implementation
Unit-19 Role of Governmental Agencies in Policy Implementation-I
Unit-20 Role of Governmental Agencies in Polic ImplementationpII
Unit-21 Role of Non-governmental Agencies in Policy Implementation
Unit-22 Policy Implementation Problems

Block- 6 Policy Interventions : Case Studies
Unit-23 Land Reforms
Unit-24 Anti-poverty Programmes
Unit-25 Industrial Policy
Unit-26 Panchayati Raj (Rural Development)

Block- 7 Policy Impact and Evaluation
Unit-27 Policy Impact and Evaluation

Block- 8 Models of Public Policy Making
Unit-28 Policy Making Approaches and Models of policy Analysis
Unit-29 Policy Analysis : An Overview

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16. Question Paper - Dec 2014
17. Question Paper - June 2015
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