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EHI6 History Of China And Japan:18401949 (IGNOU Help book for EHI-6 in English Medium)

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Book                          :        EHI-6 History Of China And Japan:1840-1949

Author                        :        Neetu Sharma

ISBN                           :        978-93-81638-41-5

Binding                       :        Paperback

Publisher                    :        Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages        :        239

Language                    :        English

Edition                         :        2018


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EHI-6 History of China and Japan (1840-1949)


Block- 1 Society, Economy and Polity
Unit-1 Traditional Economy : China and Japan
Unit-2 Religion and Culture : China and Japan
Unit-3 Society and Polity : Japan
Unit-4 Society and Polity : China
Unit-5 Land and People (East Asia)

Block- 2 Western Imperialism
Unit-6 The Opium Wars in China
Unit-7 The Unequal Treaty System in China
Unit-8 Japan and the West (Up to the Meiji Restoration)

Block- 3 Japan : Transition to Modernization
Unit-9 Decline of Feudalism and the Meiji Restoration
Unit-10 Modernization in Japan-1
Unit-11 Modernization in Japan-2
Unit-12 Modernization in Japan-3

Block- 4 Rebellions, Reforms and Revolution
Unit-13 Taiping Uprising
Unit-14 Boxer Rebellion
Unit-15 Self Strengthening Movement and Hundred Days Reforms
Unit-16 Political Reforms in Japan
Unit-17 The Chinese Revolution of 1911

Block- 5 Foreign Relations
Unit-18 Meiji Japan-I
Unit-19 Meiji Japan-II
Unit-20 Japan and World War-I
Unit-21 China and World War-I

Block- 6 Post World War-I-Japan
Unit-22 Rise of Political Parties
Unit-23 Rise of Militarism
Unit-24 Post World War-I Economy
Unit-25 Japanese Imperialism upto Second World War
Unit-26 Japan After World War-II

Block- 7 Post-Revolutionary China, 1911-21
Unit-27 Post-Revolutionary Developments, 1911-19
Unit-28 Cultural Movement
Unit-29 Foreign Investment and Rise of the New Class
Unit-30 Rise of Nationalism

Block- 8 Communist Movement in China 1921-49
Unit-31 Formation of the Communist Party of China (CPC)
Unit-32 United Front
Unit-33 Kiangsi Soviet Experience
Unit-34 CPC and the War with Japan
Unit-35 The Chinese Revolution

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6. Question Paper - Dec 2009
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9. Solution Paper - June 2011
10. Question Paper - Dec 2011
11. Solution Paper - June 2012
12. Solution Paper - Dec 2012
13. Question Paper - June 2013
14. Question Paper - Dec 2013
15. Question Paper - June 2014
16. Question Paper - Dec 2014
17. Question Paper - June 2015
18. Solution Paper - Dec 2015
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20. Question Paper - Dec 2016
21. Solution Paper - June 2017

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