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Early Childhood Education

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Book                          :          Early Childhood Education

Autho                         :          M H Siddiqui

ISBN                           :          978-81-76486-02-6

Number of Pages   :          260 

Binding                      :          Paperback

Publisher                  :          Gullybaba Publishing House (P) Ltd.

Language                 :          English

Edition                       :          2012




Early Childhood Education

This is a book about the development of behavior in young children in our society. In beginning a study of the research literature on young childrens behavior is covered. You should keep in mind that what research workers in this field know is also limited: by the kinds of questions they asked in setting up their studies, by the kinds of child populations they studied, by the methods they used, and by the interpretations they made of their research results. It will not, however, demand the kind of technical knowledge that would be required by a similar account of research methods in one of the older sciences, such as physics. This is because the systematic study of young children behavior is is a relatively recent development.

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SKU 978-81-76486-02-6
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