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IGNOU BPC-02 - Developmental Psychology

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IGNOU BPC-02 Code Details

  • University IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University)
  • Title Developmental Psychology
  • Language(s)
  • Code BPC-02
  • Subject Psychology
  • Degree(s) BA
  • Course Core Courses (CC)

IGNOU BPC-02 English Topics Covered

Block 1 - Life Span Development: Introduction

  • Unit 1 - Introduction to Life Span Development, Definition, Concept and Characteristic Features
  • Unit 2 - Theories of Human Development
  • Unit 3 - Prenatal, Perinatal, Antenatal and Postnatal Development
  • Unit 4 - Perceptual and Language Development

Block 2 - Development During Early and Late Childhood

  • Unit 1 - Physical and Motor Development, Psycho Social Development
  • Unit 2 - Relationship in Early Years (Attachment Theory)
  • Unit 3 - Child Rearing Practices
  • Unit 4 - Screening and Assessment for Developmental Disorders

Block 3 - Development During Adolescence

  • Unit 1 - Physical Development and Adjustment
  • Unit 2 - Sexual Maturity in Male and Female, Identity, Self Concept and Self Esteem
  • Unit 3 - Relationship–Family and Peer Group
  • Unit 4 - Information Processing and Cognitive Theory

Block 4 - Development During Adulthood, Middle Age and Old Age

  • Unit 1 - Physical, Psychological and Social Changes
  • Unit 2 - Havighurst’s Developmental Tasks for Adulthood, Middle Age and Old Age
  • Unit 3 - Erikson’s Concept Regarding Adulthood, Middle Age and Old Age
  • Unit 4 - Concept and Attitude towards Successful Ageing, Death and Dying
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IGNOU BPC-02 (July 2023 - January 2024) Assignment Questions

SECTION – A Answer the following questions in 1000 words each. 1. Explain the theoretical viewpoints of language development. Discuss the factors affecting language development. 2. Define lifespan development. Discuss the characteristics of lifespan development. 3. Define and discuss the relationship of adolescents with family and peers. SECTION – B Answer the following questions in 400 words each. 4. Define self-esteem. Suggest methods to build and improve self-esteem during adolescence. 5. Delineate the characteristics of postnatal development. How does birth affect postnatal development? 6. Explain perceptual processing during infancy. 7. Describe Erikson’s psychosocial stages for adulthood. 8. Delineate the characteristics of developmental tasks. Describe later maturity developmental tasks. SECTION – C Answer the following questions in 50 words each. 9. Period of the fetus 10. Psychosocial maladaptation and malignancies 11. Successful ageing 12. Childhood autism 13. Information processing model 14. Growth spurt 15. Defense mechanism 16. Fully functioning person 17. Operant conditioning 18. Reversibility

IGNOU BPC-02 (July 2022 - January 2023) Assignment Questions

SECTION – A Answer the following questions in 1000 words each. 1. Explain information processing theory and its educational implications. 2. Elucidate the characteristics of developmental tasks. Discuss developmental tasks of old age. 3. Describe parenting styles. Discuss the impact of parenting styles on adolescents. SECTION – B Answer the following questions in 400 words each. 4. Explain the characteristics and domains of successful ageing. 5. Discuss the characteristics of self-esteem in adolescence. 6. Explain the importance of parent-child relationship in early childhood years. 7. Discuss the major factors contributing in the psychosocial development of children. 8. Explain the processes and milestones in perceptual development. SECTION – C Answer the following questions in 50 words each. 9. Psychosocial virtues and strengths 10. Spiritual and philosophical views on death 11. Child rearing 12. Critical period 13. Nativist viewpoint on language development 14. Adjustment in post-natal stage 15. Life span development 16. Evaluation of Freud’s psychosexual theory 17. Identity vs Role confusion 18. Maslow’s view on homeostasis
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