IGNOU BES-124 - Language Across the Curriculum

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IGNOU BES-124 Code Details

  • University IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University)
  • Title Language Across the Curriculum
  • Language(s)
  • Code BES-124
  • Subject Education
  • Degree(s) B.Ed.
  • Course Core Courses (CC)

IGNOU BES-124 English Topics Covered

Block 1 - Language Across the Curriculum

  • Unit 1 - Language and Society
  • Unit 2 - Language and Learning
  • Unit 3 - Understanding Language Across the Curriculum
  • Unit 4 - Classroom as a Space for Discourse

Block 2 - Teaching and Assessing Language Across the Curriculum

  • Unit 1 - Teaching Listening Across the Curriculum
  • Unit 2 - Developing the Speaking Abilities
  • Unit 3 - Reading Comprehension
  • Unit 4 - Writing Across the Curriculum
  • Unit 5 - Assessing Language Across the Curriculum

IGNOU BES-124 Hindi Topics Covered

Block 1 - पाठ्यचर्यापर्यंत भाषा

  • Unit 1 - भाषा एवं समाज
  • Unit 2 - भाषा एवं अधिगम
  • Unit 3 - पाठ्यचर्यापर्यंत भाषा की समझ
  • Unit 4 - कक्षाकक्षः एक प्रवचन स्थल

Block 2 - पाठ्यचर्यापर्यंत शिक्षण एवं भाषा का आकलन

  • Unit 1 - पाठ्यचर्यापर्यंत श्रवण का शिक्षण
  • Unit 2 - बोलने की क्षमता का विकास
  • Unit 3 - पठन समझ
  • Unit 4 - पाठ्यचर्यापर्यंत लेखन
  • Unit 5 - पाठ्यचर्यार्पंत भाषा का आकलन
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IGNOU BES-124 (January 2021 - July 2021) Assignment Questions

All the questions are compulsory. 1. How does classroom interaction lead to language learning? Discuss the different types of classroom interactions. 2. “Language is the foundation of learning.’ Elaborate this statement with examples of strategies you would use to facilitate language learning specific to the discipline you teach. 3. What is the difference between self-assessment and peer assessment? Develop a rubric for self-assessment of written tasks in the subject you teach at the secondary level.

IGNOU BES-124 (January 2020 - July 2020) Assignment Questions

Answer the following questions in about 500 words each.
  1. Prepare a lesson plan to teach subject-specific vocabulary in any subject other than English. In the learning outcomes state how a knowledge of specific words is expected to contribute to the overall understanding of the discipline.
  2. Identify any three text structures and discuss how their understanding will facilitate learning in social science disciplines.
  3. How is writing a Lab Report different from writing a Report for an event? List the criteria for assessing both type of Reports.
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IGNOU BES-124 (January 2021 - July 2021) Assignment Questions

सभी प्रश्न अनिवार्य हैं. प्रत्येक प्रश्न का उत्तर लगभग 5०० शब्दों में लिखे. 1. कक्षा-कक्ष अंतःक्रिया किस प्रकार भाषा अधिगम की और ले जाती है ? कक्षा-कक्ष अंतःक्रिया के विविध प्रकारों की चर्चा कीजिए. 2. “भाषा अधिगम का आधार है." अपने विशिष्ट शास्त्र में भाषा अधिगम में सहायता करने के लिए आप जिन युक्तियों की सहायता लेंगे, उनके उदाहरण लेकर इस कथन की व्याख्या कीजिए. 3. स्व-आकलन और सहपाठीकृत आकलन में क्या भिन्नता है? माध्यमिक स्तर पर आपके द्वारा पढाये जा रहे विषय में लेखन कार्यों के स्व- आकलन के लिए एक रूब्रिक्स विकसित कीजिए.

IGNOU BES-124 (January 2020 - July 2020) Assignment Questions

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