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IGNOU BEGC-132 - Selections from Indian Writing: Cultural Diversity

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Selections from Indian Writing: Cultural Diversity

BEGC–132 provides knowledge about plurality, cultural diversity, language politics, marginalized voices, and women's speech. The key topics covered in this course are: The Bhakti and Sufi movements., Meerabai., Understanding the nature of language., Dalit voices. It also includes literature and poems, such as Propositions by Sujit Mukherjee, Hindi by Raghuvir Sahay, Mother Tongue by Padma Sachdev, and poetry from the North East.

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IGNOU BEGC-132 Code Details

  • University IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University)
  • Title Selections from Indian Writing: Cultural Diversity
  • Language(s)
  • Code BEGC-132
  • Subject English
  • Degree(s) BAG
  • Course Core Courses (CC)

IGNOU BEGC-132 English Topics Covered

Block 1 - Plurality and Cultural Diversity

  • Unit 1 - 'Propositions' by Sujit Mukherjee
  • Unit 2 - 'The Mad Lover' by Sisir Kumar Das
  • Unit 3 - Bhakti and Sufi Movements in Medieval India
  • Unit 4 - Baul Gaan, Akka Mahadevi and Meerabai

Block 2 - Language Politics: Hindi, Urdu and English

  • Unit 1 - Understanding the Nature of Language
  • Unit 2 - 'Ghazal' by Amir Khusrau and 'Hindi' by Raghuvir Sahay
  • Unit 3 - M.K. Naik and the Issue of Language
  • Unit 4 - 'Mother Tongue' by Padma Sachdev and 'Passage to America' by K. Ayyappa Paniker

Block 3 - Marginalised Voices

  • Unit 1 - Dalit Voices
  • Unit 2 - Dalit Voices-Poetry
  • Unit 3 - Literature from North East India
  • Unit 4 - Literature from North East India-Poetry

Block 4 - Womenspeak

  • Unit 1 - A Woman's Retelling of the Rama-Tale: The Chandrabati Ramayana
  • Unit 2 - Lakshmi Kannan and Indira Sant: Poems
  • Unit 3 - Naseem Shafaie: Poems
  • Unit 4 - 'Sapavimochanam' ('The Redemption') by Pudhumaipithan
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IGNOU BEGC-132 (July 2023 - January 2024) Assignment Questions

Section A Explain the following with reference to the context: 1. O good soldier, Know when you’re beaten. And now, that question Which we just referred to in connection with the so-called language battle, Let’s put it this way: Were we and those on behalf of whom we fought The same folk? 2. You need no book, Rasha Sundari no paper or pen either you have the black, smudgy kitchen wall for your magical scribbles lines, ellipses, curves all of them your secret codes for a whole new world. 3. No, I don’t work for a Shah I said, but for a Shahni, very kind, very well off And I am not the only one Working for her She has many servants Ever ready to do her bidding 4. These are the colours of destiny Of immutable also and the colours also with which warring pawns Are daily decorating our towns. Section B 5. The aesthetics of Dalit Writing. 6. The Bhakti movement and Indian literature. Section C 7. The impact of cultural negotiations on the literature of the Northeast. 8. Discuss MK Naik’s views with regard to English in India, balancing them with your own ideas on the issue.

IGNOU BEGC-132 (July 2022 - January 2023) Assignment Questions

Section A Explain the following with reference to the context: 1. Long as tresses the night of parting, The day of love is short as life, If I see not my love, O friend, How can I spend dark nights of grief? 2. Give me, a quill, quickly She must be looking for me The reed cut off its hand Gave it to me and said Take it I too am her servant. 3. Once she leaves home, it will be for ever. When some day in distant parts she dwells Where what the people be like! I know not, Will they awaken her on gentle, mellow sounds? 4. Her dream, like the dreams of a dozen other women. But she woke up before the dream began. And then she never fell asleep again. Section B Write short notes on the following: 5. Single Indian literary culture amongst several languages. 6. Hindi/Hindavi. Section C 7. How do Dalit narratives tell the stories of an entire community? Elaborate. 8. What do women’s texts say about a woman’s life? Illustrate.
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