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Can Love Happen Twice

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Book                            :       Can love happen twice

Author                         :       Ravinder Singh

ISBN                             :       978-0-143-41723-1

Binding                        :       Paper Back

Publisher                    :       Penguin Group

Number of Pages     :       216

Language                   :       English 

Edition                         :       2011



Can love happen twice

Manpreet, Amardeep, and Ravin having to attend a radio talk show called Raat gayi, baat baki in Chandigarh, on Valentine’s Day. However, Ravin does not show up that evening. Later that evening, word spreads about Ravin’s girlfriend’s death in a road accident.

This event leaves Ravin completely shattered, and he spirals into depression. He then decides to opt for an onsite job in Belgium, in an attempt to divert his mind from this great loss. He wants a change as the same surroundings remind him of the dreadful event that took place in his life. Things take a turn for the better during his time at Belgium, where he meets Simar, who is pursuing her MBA over there. Her hostel is just a stone’s throw away from Ravin’s office. They begin to bump into each other on a regular basis, and Ravin begins to feel a sense of attraction toward her.

After getting to know details about Ravin’s past relationship, she finds him extremely romantic and caring, while Ravin thinks everything about her is cute. After working there for 10 months, he needs to go back to India, and the two decide to get married. Simar lands back in India, and Ravin goes to meet her parents in Gurgaon. However, Simar wants them to live in Belgium, away from his parents. Does the couple patch up or is it going to be yet another heartbreak for Ravin?

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