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BSWE5 Introduction to HIV/AIDS (IGNOU Help book for BSWE-005 in English Medium)

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Book                            :        BSWE-005 Introduction to HIV/AIDS

Author                         :        GPH Panel of Experts

ISBN                             :        978-93-82688-50-1

Binding                        :        Paperback

Publisher                    :        Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages     :          314

Language                   :        English

Edition                         :       2019


BSWE-005 Introduction to HIV/AIDS


Block- 1 Basic Facts about HIV/AIDS

Unit-1 Global and National Scenario of HIV/AIDS
Unit-2 HIV/AIDS Disease Profile
Unit-3 Misconceptions of HIV/AIDS/STDs
Unit-4 History of HIV/AIDS

Block- 2 HIV Transmission and Testing

Unit-1 Transmission of HIV through Sex
Unit-2 Transmission of HIV through Blood
Unit-3 Mother to Child Transmission of HIV
Unit-4 HIV Testing and Issues Involved
Unit-5 Moral Issues on HIV Testing

Block- 3 HIV/AIDS Prevention: Socio-Ethical Issues

Unit-1 HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control: Government Initiatives
Unit-2 HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control: Personal Aspects
Unit-3 Continum of Care
Unit-4 Societal Influences on HIV/AIDS Transmission and Prevention
Unit-5 HIV/AIDS and Ethical Issues
Unit-6 Life Skills in the Context of Adolescent Education

Block- 4 HIV/AIDS and Vulerable Population

Unit-1 HIV/AIDS and Women
Unit-2 HIV/AIDS and Children
Unit-3 HIV/AIDS and Substance Abuse
Unit-4 STDs and their Management
Unit-5 HIV/AIDS and the Workplace

Block- 5 HIV/AIDS Education and Care

Unit-1 HIV/AIDS and it's Implication for Individual, Family and Community
Unit-2 HIV/AIDS Education and Behaviour Modification
Unit-3 Care of the Person with HIV/AIDS
Unit-4 Care of the Terminally III

Block- 6 AIDS, Law and Human Rights

Unit-1 HIV/AIDS and Law
Unit-2 Rights of People Living with HIV/AIDS (PHLAs)
Unit-3 HIV/AIDS Related International Legislations


1. Solution Paper - June 2010
2. Solution Paper - Dec 2010
3. Solution Paper - June 2011
4. Solution Paper - Dec 2011
5. Solution Paper - June 2012
6. Solution Paper - Dec 2012
7. Solution Paper - June 2013
8. Question Paper - Dec 2013
9. Question Paper - June 2014
10. Question Paper - Dec 2014
11. Question Paper - June 2015
12. Question Paper - Dec 2015
13. Question Paper - June 2016
14. Solution Paper - Dec 2016
15. Question Paper - June 2017
16. Question Paper - Dec 2017
17. Question Paper - June 2018
18. Solution Paper - Dec 2018

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