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BSWE3 Social Work Intervention with Communities and Institutions (IGNOU Help book for BSWE-003 in English Medium)

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Book                            :         BSWE-003 Social Work Intervention with Communities and Institutions

Author                         :         GPH Panel of Experts

ISBN                             :         978-93-82688-64-8

Binding                        :         Paperback

Publisher                    :         Gullybaba Publishing  House (P) Ltd.

Number of Pages     :         251

Language                   :         English


BSWE-003 Social Work Intervention with Communities and Institutions


Block-1  Community Organisation 

Unit-1  Community Organisation: Concept and Principles
Unit-2  History of Community Organisation
Unit-3  Community Organisation as a Method of Social Work 
Unit-4  Current Issues in Community Organisation
Unit-5  Role of Community Organiser in Different Settings 

Block-2  Social Welfare Administration

Unit-1  Social Welfare Administration: Concept, Nature and Scope
Unit-2  Types and Purpose of Social Service Organisations
Unit-4  Procedure for Establishing and Running Social Service Organisation 
Unit-5  Social Welfare Administration as a Method of Social Work

Block-3  Social Action for Social Change 

Unit-1  Social Action: Concept and Principles  
Unit-2  Strategies and Tactics Employed in Social Action
Unit-3  Models of Social Action 
Unit-4  Social Action in Relation to Community Work and Social Movement 
Unit-5  Social Action as a Method of Social Work

Block-4  Basics of Social Work Research

Unit-1  Social Work Research: Meaning, Importance and Scope
Unit-2  Approaches in Social Work Research
Unit-3  Sampling: Concept, Significance and Types 
Unit-4  Methods and Tools of Data Collection 
Unit-5  Processing and Analysis of Data 
Unit-6  Introduction to Statistical Techniques in Social Work

Block-5  Health Information for Social Workers

Unit-1  Concepts of Health and Hygiene: Community Health and Systems of Medicine 
Unit-2  Mental Health, Mental Disorders and Mental Disability
Unit-3  Major Health Problems: Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases  
Unit-4  Health Care Services 
Unit-5  Social, Economic and Psychological Factors Involved in Health Care Services 

Block-6  Empowerment of Women

Unit-1  Situational Analysis of Women in India  
Unit-2  Developing a Framework for Gender Aware Social Work Intervention 
Unit-3  Women's Development Initiatives in Health 
Unit-4  Women's Development Initiatives in Education 
Unit-5  Women's Empowerment and Social Legislation 
Unit-6  Women's Development Initiatives in Political System


Chapter-1   Community Organisation  
Chapter-2   Social Welfare Administration 
Chapter-3   Social Action for Social Change   
Chapter-4   Basics of Social Work Research    
Chapter-5   Health Information for Social Workers 
Chapter-6   Empowerment of Women  

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