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How to Write NIOS D.El.Ed. Assignment Answers (2019)

All the aspirants of D.EL.ED. want to know as to how to write NIOS D.EL.ED. assignment answers. It is simply because the assignment happens to be very important for NIOS D.EL.ED. examination. Given below are some of the guidelines that will ignite your mind and pave your way to write NIOS DELED assignment answers with ease and confidence:

  • Read all the Questions Carefully: The best way to answer DELED assignments brilliantly is to read the questions from start to end with cool mind. Read these as if you are reading any piece of paper, without making your mind heavy with the thought that you have to answer these.
  • Refer to the Study Materials: If you want to impress your examiner, do not forget to take help of the study materials of renowned publisher. These materials will help you make your content information rich, crisp and devoid of any kind of ambiguities. Apart, you will also get the insight of how to write NIOS DELED Assignment Answers.
  • Make your Answer Short, Simple and Easily Understandable: While writing NIOS DELED assignment answers, make sure that your answers are short, simple and easily understandable. If any of the paragraphs make less sense than you intend to, or you have good reasons to believe that it will not be easily understood, make it simpler. Provide example at appropriate places, for these catch the minds of the examiner more than your words do.
  • Stick to the Word Limit: If you refer to the help books related to NIOS DELED, you will come to know about the word limit that is honoured there. While answering the assignment, you need not make it boringly verbose. You can write it better, when you are to-the-point. But, it is important to note here that you should not escape any necessary detail while making your answer short. Simply put, your answer must contain all the necessary details with proper illustrations, taking into the constraints of words in your mind.
  • Opt for Typed Copies: Some students clutter their minds with the thought that since their handwritings are not good, they will end up getting less marks than they should. The examiner will not take their response seriously as he/she will not find the handwriting legible. But, here is the solution for some of you whose handwritings are scarcely legible. You may send typed copies of your response.

Details of the D.EL.ED. Assignments

  • There will be 27 assignments altogether.
  • There will be three course-based assignments. 2 theory assignment and 1 practical assignment carrying 30 per cent in each course will be there.
  • There will be 10 per cent weightage of practical based while 20 per cent will be of theoretical items.
  • All the items will be compulsory.
  • The assignments will be required to be submitted to the respective study centre.

Important Points to Take Into Consideration for D.EL.ED. Assignment

  • Write your name, complete postal address, enrollment number and date at the top right hand corner of the first page of your assignment response(s)
  • In the centre at the top of the first page of your response(s), write the course title code and assignment code. Write in capital letters.
  • You need not get confused over the use of paper. Both legal and A4 size papers are acceptable. You can use either.
  • There has not been any specific instruction so far for the use of paper. So, both ruled and unrolled papers are acceptable. You can use either as per your comfort and convenience.
  • Mind, the space in the top left-hand corner is for office use. You need not do anything in that space. Given below is the look of that space.

Study Centre…………….

Course Title……………..

Course Code……………..

Assignment Code…………

Enrolment Number……..




Submission of the response of NIOS D.EL.ED. Assignments

  • Make sure that the assignment-response is complete in all respects.
  • Stick to the format strictly.
  • If you fail to follow the prescribed format of assignment writing, NIOS will not accept your submission. It will return your response for re-submission.
  • Make sure that you have written your enrollment number and address. If you give these a miss, your assignment-response may get traceless.
  • Say no to incomplete responses. If you send the responses in piecemeal, they may never be put together in the office and you may get poor grade.
  • Do not go for very thin variety writing paper. Instead use ordinary writing paper and use only foolscap size paper for your response.
  • In the assignment response, leave a 3/2’’ margin on the left and at least 4 lines in between each answer. This will help the resource person to evaluate the response suitably and write the befitting comments at the proper places.
  • Do not forget to keep a copy of the assignment responses that you send. You may require it in a situation when the sent assignment gets lost in postal transit or you are asked to re-submit it for any other valid reason.
  • Answer the questions on the basis of the SLM sent to you.

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