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How to Write IGNOU BTS Projects (2018)

Among the students of IGNOU, the one question that is most commonly discussed is: how to write IGNOU BTS Projects? It is simply because for the students pursuing BTS (Bachelor of Tourism Studies), its most crucial part is its project. Being a compulsory part in curriculum, no student can get the degree without doing it. The challenges Pertaining to the Project is before both types of students—those who know as to how the project can be written and those who do not have ideas.

Though, you need not explain about the second kind of students, let’s talk about the first one kind of students. Even those students, who have the basic idea on how to write IGNOU BTS Projects, dither to write in the fear of its rejection. There is also one group of students who do not hesitate to write, but they hardly get time to write the report as they are working professionals. Their busy time schedules do not permit them to take the burden of writing IGNOU BTS Projects.

If you are among those students of IGNOU BTS, who want to know as to how to prepare for IGNOU BTS Projects, given below are the tips that will help you in a great way:

  • Carefully Choose the Topic of your Project Report: Your mind might have become heavy with the topics of the project. You might be getting suggestion for it almost on a daily basis from your friends and you may have made up your mind on the topic at the time you read this blog. But, just wait if you can; listen to my suggestion as well. I always suggest my students to select the topic you have ample knowledge on, and not what your friends or any one else suggests. When you get the topic you have mastery on, you will be able to write impressively.
  • Decide the Aim and Objective of your Topic: Make your topic more relevant, to-the-point, in sequence, as presentable as you can. If you become able to present your report in a logical way, your project report will be the reader’s paradise. With just a cursory glance on your report, the examiner will get a fair idea of the depth of your knowledge. And even if he does not get enough time to read your project from start to finish, he will award you appreciably. So, do not forget to incorporate aim and objective, research plan, research methodology, collection of data, interpretation of data related to your topic in the project.
  • Include your own Observation: You may get data from external source, but you should not submit your project report without including your own observation. Mind, Content is the King. And your own observation in your project will make your content richer and speak through the mind of your examiner. He will come to know that you are the original creator of the project submitted and you know all that you have presented as your own assessment is incorporated. Mind, while writing your own analysis, you need not try to make it more politically correct, instead try to make it more interesting, engaging.

Good luck for the project!

It is important to note here that the above tips include but not limited to the tips on how to prepare for IGNOU BTS Projects.

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