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Why You Should Read Self Help Books for Motivation? (2018)

In the hustle bustle of our daily lives, we are fully occupied and have hardly any time to do anything extra for us. However, there are some people who despite their tight schedule take out sometime to read good books. Reading a good book like a self help or a motivational book will do wonders in refreshing or re-energizing your tired spirit.

If you are reading a good motivational book then it will be helpful in the development of your personality. We can accumulate tons of knowledge from the experiences of others who want to share their stupendous knowledge with the world. Practical experiences of people who are one amongst us leave huge impact over our mind and soul. If we sincerely follow such help books then there will be a considerable enhancement in our overall personality and attitude towards life.
These help books will make us better human beings, as they would enable us to understand the world from another perspective. As a human being, we need to improve with each passing day and learn from our day-to-day experiences. There are huge numbers of motivational books in the market which assure happiness and success. These books cover various facets of human lives and experiences. They make us understand life and its real beauty.

self-motivationSince time immemorial, books are regarded as our best friends and it is certainly one of the biggest truths. They are imparting us a wealth of knowledge without any expectation. We learn from the experiences of others and get the distinct views related to life. These self-help books give a deep insight as well as the journey of some of the greatest thinkers of the world.
These self help motivational books are an ocean of knowledge which one attain in a lifetime. However, if we are reading someone’s experiences then it will act as a guiding light on various aspects of life like relationships, finance, personal development, confidence and conduct. A good book forces you to think about the principles of life and various other concepts.

For those who are wondering for a good self-help book which may bring them happiness, contentment and make their soul free from any kind of prejudice, then buy the book ‘Where is My Happiness’. This is truly a brilliant book with full of life- changing subjects. In this busy world, where all of us are running after money and have forgotten the true meaning of life, this book will give a deep insight into our soul.

Somewhere deep inside, all of us are looking for some peace of mind and happiness. However, we are ignoring the fact that true happiness lies in contentment and accepting people in their natural beings. We are living in a pseudo world, where all are pretending to be something. In the meantime, we have actually forgotten our real selves, our roots, our origin and the fact that almighty is one.

Another root cause for all our pains and grief is expectations. If you really want to feel the happiness from inside then never expect anything from anybody. Once you follow this thumb rule of happiness then nobody in this world has the power to make you unhappy. You will become so powerful and contented with your inner-self that no one has the power to hurt you.

The book ‘Where is My Happiness’ is truly a gem, as it has some of the life changing advice. For instance, the book guides us the power of avoiding criticism, jealousy and control. We ought to be self-responsible and must live in the present. If we are contented then life will be full of happiness and joy. We must stop expecting and criticising others, as we should accept them in their real form. This book is certainly a must read for all, as it makes us free from all the baggage of negativity which we carry along with us.

mera-sukh-kiske-hathAnother must-read self-help book which is earning rave reviews from both the critics and readers is “Mera Sukh Kiske Hath”. This is another brilliantly written book, where author has finally gathered all her experiences. The book makes us rethink about our perception towards life and ways to find our true happiness. The book highlights the significance of morality, meditation and the eternal power of unconditional love.

The author guides us the real beauty and significance of simplicity. Pursuing a simple life makes us free from all the pretensions. This superb self-help book will boost your confidence. Most of us lack this essential ingredient, which makes us lose the battle before it begins.
Reading self-help or a motivational book is like experiencing someone else’s life journey. It enables us to analyse how the person succeeded or overcome tough situations from his life. A good book guides us to take practical steps in terrible situations and ways to attain your goal.

During the course of life, all of us need some kind of guidance, support and genuine advice at frequent intervals. Sometimes, intelligent people are unable to manage during the stressful time. Reading the life of a successful or an innovative person will make you understand the secrets of success and his way to solve the tricky situations. Moreover, you would be able to take some wonderful decisions without wasting your hard earned money.


Undoubtedly, reading a motivational or self-help book refreshes or rejuvenates your tired soul. You will feel a change in your perspective towards life. These inspiring sagas reinforce our determination and make us stronger to fight our battle well prepared. There are various circumstances in our lives when we give up and become hopeless. But, if you are reading a good book which encompasses others experiences which you are going through then it will certainly work for you. This will enable you to manage your issues and make you emerge victorious.

Thus, we must understand the unmatched importance of a good motivational book and its integral part in our approaching success. So, grab your copy now and make your life full of peace, contentment and happiness.

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