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Ignou MBA : Distance Education is always referred as the poorer cousin of regular degree programmes.
However, it is a complete blessing for students who are unable to do full time course due to their circumstances and want to pursue their studies further with their jobs. Usually, students are worried about the value of distance education. The value of IGNOU degree mainly depends upon the students, as some of them make the best out of it, whereas others are unable to cope with the pressure. Hence, if you want to pursue MBA from IGNOU, then it has its own pros and cons.

Major Disadvantage of Pursuing MBA from IGNOU

    • Remote Faculty

There is no personal interaction with the teachers which affects the learning. It is very difficult to read such voluminous books without any mentor. In the absence of teacher, there will be nobody to remind about your deadlines, assignment and exam preparation. While pursuing MBA from IGNOU, it would be very important for you to act in a mature way and follow a disciplined routine along with sincerity towards the degree you are pursuing.

    • Technology Dependence

Most of the online courses in distance learning programmes need to have internet. If you are uncomfortable with this kind of teaching then it would be really tough for you to complete your program. Hence, if you are comfortable with internet then it would be easier for you to complete your studies. One of the major drawbacks of pursuing MBA from IGNOU is that there are some employers who do not prefer candidates from distance education program.

Major Advantage for Pursuing MBA from IGNOU

    • Flexibility

While pursuing MBA from IGNOU, the major advantage is that you can earn as well as learn simultaneously. Flexibility is undoubtedly one of the key highlights of distance learning programme especially for working professionals. Moreover, you would be able to save a lot of your time and energy in commuting. Pursuing MBA from IGNOU will allow you to save lot of your commutation time and you would be able to concentrate on your studies and job.

    • Affordable and Convenient

MBA from Distance Learning will quite pocket friendlier as compare to the regular programme. Moreover, you would be able to save a lot of money in commutation. Another key highlight of pursuing your degree from Distance Education is that you can submit your assignment with the click of button.

    • Accessible Study Material

For those who are comfortable with internet and technology, then you can easily avail the benefits of online study material. Moreover, you can join the discussion forums, exchange views and clear doubts. According to various studies conducted on the distance learning programs, it has been observed that they are efficient and flexible as compare to a regular program. Moreover, if you are pursuing your MBA from IGNOU then its learning program will be much better than a regular program. Being one of the largest and reputed universities across the globe, the courses pursued here have immense credibility in the market.

Job Opportunities for IGNOU MBA

While pursuing MBA from IGNOU, you can also increase your work experience of specific industry. With such a great work experience and studying from a reputed university like IGNOU, you can churn out some great job opportunities from the market. Moreover, you will be able to complete your degree in a very cost effective manner along with huge opportunities of career growth. IGNOU degree has validity all across the country with great job opportunities in varied industries.

MBA from IGNOU is highly beneficial for those who have both the time and money constraints. All you need to do is to follow a disciplined regime with commitment towards attaining your objective. The MBA degree from IGNOU will be helpful in gaining promotion in your job in both private as well as public sector.

There will be considerable increment in your skill set which will make your profile desirable and preferable amongst the recruiters. Nowadays, companies are preferring candidates who have pursued full time MBA from IGNOU rather than one who is holding degree from distance learning mode.

As we all know that UGC or University Grants Commission has recognized the degrees of MBA, but still you may miss some great opportunities if you have pursued the program from distance learning instead of full time from IGNOU. If you have completed your MBA from IGNOU then there will be great opportunities for factory supervision or operations in a company. MBA from IGNOU will make you well equipped with latest knowledge as well as experience as compare to other universities.

For managers, who have pursued MBA from IGNOU can opt for careers in varied service organizations like transportation, banking, insurance, and government and organizations that are active in the production of goods for both the industries as well as for consumers. Besides these options, other career options are forecasting, purchasing, inventory management and control, warehouse management, process methods and planning, quality management, operations scheduling and control, and production planning in multi-coloured industries such as manufacturing, banking, and retailing.Ignou MBA’s also offer several other career opportunities like management consulting firms along with development of computer systems for scheduling and planning.

MBA Admission Notice

If you are MBA aspirant and seeking  admission into IGNOU for MBA program then get set for the current session.
The Banking and Finance program in MBA has been designed mainly for the bankers and is provided all across the country in the Study centres of IGNOU.

ignou mba

This is a great program which has been developed with a unique collaboration of School of Management Studies, IGNOU and the Indian Institute of Banking & Finance (IIBF), Mumbai. In this program standard IGNOU multimedia design and technology have been used. The admission announcement for July 2016 session has been announced by the IGNOU for MBA Banking and Finance.

The eligibility criteria of MBA are:

      • graduate of not less than 3 years duration from a recognized University/Institution,
      • have passed the CAIIB examinations of the Indian Institute of Banking & Finance, Mumbai and awarded the requisite qualification/credentials thereof by the Institute, and
      • have been working in the Banking or Financial Services Sector for a period of at least two years.

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Note : please check Ignou official website for all latest updates.

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