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Way to Publish a book and The Advantages of Traditional Publishing over Self Publishing (2018)

Looking to know How to Publish a book, the answer is nowadays, several writers prefer self publishing instead of traditional publishing.

Self publishing is ideal for those who want to write for a limited audience like 100, 500 or 1500 copies. On the contrary, few writers opt for self publishing after getting frustrated from the complex traditional route.

Sometimes, while following the path of traditional publishing, authors have to wait for several years. Christopher Paolini’s Eragon is a great example of the success of self publishing.

But, in reality works of most of the authors do not get into the book stores. There are many companies who are proclaiming that their books are available with wholesales or renowned publication house.

As we all know that Traditional publishing stands for selling your book in the commercial publishing trade.

If a writer has been given an option between self publishing and traditional publishing then he/she would go for the brand-name publishing house.

Self publishing will always be the second choice. Most of the writers go for self publishing after analysing their situation thoroughly.


There is nothing wrong with the second best option, but if you want your manuscript to be in the big leagues of publishing then you must go for Traditional publishing. You need to be well aware about all the odds, resilient, perseverance and ready for number of rejection and disappointments. You want to pursue your dream to make it to the big league by finding an agent, who will connect you with mid or big publishers.

How to Publish a book – Here are some of the key advantages of Traditional publishing over Self publishing: 

  • Pocket Friendly

To start with the cost being incurred in traditional publishing as compare to the self publishing.

Self publishing is quite expensive as to make it perfect according to the market standard, it undergoes huge round of editing followed by cover page, interior page design, proofreading, printing or uploading to e-book, marketing, and publicity.

It would be necessary to have knowledge about all the sections. Moreover, if you hire professionals for all the sections then it would be very expensive.

On the contrary, if you publishing with a traditional publishing house then the cost incurred will be negligible as compare to self publishing.

However, it would be advisable to hire a professional freelance editor for editing before submitting your manuscript to the agent or publishing house. Once the book gets printed, you have to promote yourself with effective marketing, as publishing houses do not have great budgets for publicity.

  • Advance Payment

Usually, the authors are paid by the traditional publishers an advance against royalties. The advance amount is not much higher as compare to the past.

However, the amount will prove to be useful for the authors in case enough copies are not sold and cover the expenses.

You can use the advance payments to cover all your expenditures and continuing the process of researching, editing and finalising your manuscript.

  • Brand Brings Instant Fame


If you are working with a traditional publishing house then you have lots of new opportunities opened for you such as amazing respect, movie deal, future book publishing deal or translation in various languages. On the contrary, if  people asked about your publishing house and you reply me or some random publishing house then chances of buying becomes less.


Hence, if your potential is being tapped by a traditional publishing house then get set to experience the roller coaster ride of success, name and fame.

  • Credibility

Although, the publishing world is already oozing with lots of self published books, still it is a common perception amongst the readers to look out for branded published books. Readers are well aware that books which are being published and approved by the renowned literary agencies, expert editors and branded publishers must have something great to offer.

On the contrary, the self published books are sometimes not even properly edited. The perception of the readers will undergo change with the passage of time.

  • Traditional Publishing Exercise Quality Control

When your manuscript is being accepted by a publishing house then it has to undergo editing by experienced editor since entry level.

Your book has to pass various levels which are being checked by acquisitions editor, developmental editor, managing editor, substantive editor, copy editor, and proofreader.

The team comprises of some of the finest editors. Other major steps during book publishing are cover design, layout and typesetting. All the designing costs will be incurred by the traditional publishers and will be done by some of the best designers.

Before final printing, proofreading is another significant part of book publishing. Self publishers often skip this step due monetary issues. Traditional publishing house also handles printing, distribution and logistics costs. International rights and other managements are done professionally.

  • Marketing and Publicity

If a traditional publishing house signed you then do not expect higher level of marketing and publicity. You may get amazing exposure which is not possible with self publishing.

Usually, traditional publishers are well connected with big media houses. You might be garnered with great book reviews, press meet, book signings and awards etc.

Moreover, if your book is being published by traditional publisher then your will be the part of a big library, book store and will get the best public exposure. Authors are often encouraged to have a blog or website to do your own promotion.

There are thousands of legitimate small publishers as well as small presses which exist in all forms of models and formats. These hybrid publishers will certainly publish your book with your financial aid.

However, the prestige or the fame which the traditional publishing house brings is outstanding.  Moreover, it is the responsibility of the publishing house to distribute the book into the marketplace, bookstores and online.

Moreover, if a publishing house prints the book once then author could start working on next project. Traditional publishing is the only way which leads to the publication as well as distribution along with considerable sales of the book. The author also gets instant recognition, name and fame.

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