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Tips to Clear MCA Entrance Examination (2019)

Masters in Computer Application, or MCA, is a full time, three year Post Graduate course. With the advent and surge of computer in India in 1990s, students here came to know about the high demand of computer professionals across the world. And that led to the enrolment of hundreds of students in the MCA programme. As the penetration of computer is increasing world around, so is the need of having an MCA degree.

Today, various universities across India impart this course. The main emphasis of the course is to train students on designing various information systems, for several organizations, such as Software Multi Nationals, domestic companies, defense organizations, banks, insurance, hotels, etc. The main job of an MCA is to develop software in diverse areas and entails sound knowledge of concepts in computer technology, higher level of computer applications and specializations. The salary of an MCA varies from rupees 1.7 lakhs to rs 3.25 lakhs annually, but rises considerably as the work experience increases.

As MCA programme offers great career opportunities in the areas like Management Information Systems, System Analysis, Quality Management, e-Business, Web-enabled Services, and many more, hundreds of thousands of students from every nook and corner of the world want to know about the tips to clear MCA entrance examination

If you are among those students who want to know about some of these tips, here these are:

  • Go through the Syllabus: I think the first and foremost thing is to go through the syllabus. It is like a script that you will love to see, before planning to act on stage. After going through the syllabus, you will come to know about the topics that MCA entrance examination covers. It is indeed one of the most important tips to clear MCA examination.
  • Start preparing as soon as you make up your mind: Do not procrastinate or wait for the right day, muhurta, just pull your socks up and start thinking in this direction as soon as you decide. Talking to your friends and peers about this, glancing at the article on Google related to MCA entrance examination, etc. could be the first few things.
  • Try to Talk to students with MCA degree: What you may not get
    from so many other things, your acquaintances with MCA degree can provide you with. They can provide you very important tips to clear MCA examination. You may ask for the notes, if any one of them has any for getting a bird’s eyes view of MCA materials. Mind, do not forget to note down their suggestions, as in the start when your mind is not aware of so many thing, it will tend to avoid the things that may prove to be important in preparation
    point of view.
  • No hasty decision to join coaching: Yes, you heard it right. I am not at all against coaching institutes, but I think you can fully utilize it when you yourself get good understanding of the subjects
    and topics that are going to be asked in the entrance examination. And for this, you should bank on the books of the established publisher.

Importantly, the above-mentioned tips include but not limited to the tips to clear MCA entrance examination.

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