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The Rise and Prominence of Dubai, IGNOU (2018)

No doubt, Dubai is one of the most exciting cities of the middle east. It offers traditional Arabic culture with Western influences. The curiosity of the people of the world for this city can easily be estimated from the fact that more than 80 million passengers arrive at Dubai airport every year. The city attracts countless people from all corners of the world. They are all chasing their own Dubai Dream. You may have heard from someone, “visit Dubai after couple of years and you will find you have come to an entirely new place”. Its beauty and ambience is growing at lightning speed. Dubai has rightly got the distinction of being the fastest growing desert city in this planet.
You may be already aware of so many things written above, if you are from Dubai, a frequent flyer of this stunningly beautiful city or take keen interest in this paradise place. But, what you may or may not be aware is that the city called Dubai has become an important destination for all those who want to pursue higher education. In the last one decade, a sizeable number of foreign accredited universities have been set up in the city. Lots of International institutes have also come into existence and that are adding feathers in the educational cap of the city. Though there are so many contributing factors that have led to the upsurge of education to this city, but the real winner is of course distance mode of education, mooted by IGNOU, Indira Gandhi National Open University.
IGNOU has transcended the border of the country and has been able to extend its outreach to almost every country of the UAE. Dubai is its main beneficiary. If you are in Dubai and are willing to know the contact details of IGNOU at your city to explore the opportunity of pursuing your career through this university, here it is:
Dubai, U.A.E. 5502 Wisdom Educational Institute, P.O.Box : 26791, Dubai, UAE Tel : +971-4-396 44 55; Fax: +971-4-3964422 E-mail : [email protected] Contact Person: Mr. Ahmed Rafi B. Ferry, Director MBA, PGDHRM, PGDMM, PGDFM, PGDOM, DIM, MEG, MHD, BPP, BA, BCOM, PGJMC, BED

The International Division of IGNOU looks after the international operations of the University. It was on October, 1997 when the International Division of the university came into existence. As the response was phenomenal, this division was upgraded into a full-fledged division in the year 2002, less than 5 years since its inception. Since the year 1996, the international division of IGNOU has been looking into promoting the academic programmes of India Gandhi National Open University and has established bilateral and multi-lateral co-operations with prominent institutions of UAE in general and Dubai in Particular. Dubai, IGNOU has been able to help lots of students so far and you could be the next one. Why Dubai, IGNOU?

Globally-recognized Degree:
The students of today get enrolled into a particular course/college/institute/educational program after weighing all its pros and cons. And one thing that invariably comes in the minds of all students, regardless of their native country is, whether the degree that they will be getting after the successful completion of the course will be recognized globally or not. And if you opt for Dubai, IGNOU, the answer of this question is an emphatic yes.

Readily Available Course Materials:

One thing about which a foreign student remains apprehensive is the availability of course materials. And rest assured, if you opt for Dubai, IGNOU, all your course study materials will be easily and effortlessly available to you. For tips and secure good marks in examination, you may also take help of a prominent publisher.

Wide Range of Helpbooks:
Though the course material provided by Dubai, IGNOU will suffice your requirements. But, if you want to get an edge over your peers, or are willing to make your result outstanding, you will be surprisingly happy to know that there are wide ranges of helpbooks available for the courses provided by IGNOU. You can just know about these by just glancing through Amazon or similar sites.

Where to Get IGNOU Help Books from?
Though the search engine results are replete with publications offering IGNOU Helpbooks, but if you are among those students of Dubai who want to make the preparation process for the examination easy and secure good marks, Gullybaba is the publication you can confide fully. You can order at

Why Gullybaba?
More than a decade of dedicated service: Choosing a publisher is very much comparable to choosing a wine. The older is better. Gullybaba, with more than a decade and half of spotless service in education sector in and around Dubai will be the right choice for your IGNOU Help Book.

Books available for all courses: You name a course of IGNOU and you will have its help books in Gullybaba. While some publishers have experimented with only the popular courses, Gullybaba has the books for all the contemporary courses provided by IGNOU.

Easy availability of books: You will get Gullybaba Books for IGNOU, with utmost ease and comfort. And this is one of the most noticeable attributes that make it get an edge over other publishers. Simply put, if you believe in the best, opt for Gullybaba.

Important links that will make you more familiar with Gullybaba

It is important to note here that the above-mentioned reasons include but not limited to the reasons why the students of Dubai should opt for Dubai, IGNOU.

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