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The Process of Book Publishing (2019)

Man is borne with creativity. It is like a gift of the gab, every human being is endowed with. A successful fisherman communicates the innovative way of catching fish to his family members and close associates, an experienced driver gives tips to his juniors on how to drive safe and which route will take them to their destination in the shortest time period. Likewise, an astronaut recalls his journey to space in his meeting with juniors. In fact, every successful person of today has something to share to the world. And book writing solves this purpose.

In the lines of Charles Caleb Colton, “to write what is worth publishing, to find honest people to publish it, get sensible people to read it, are the three great difficulties in being an author”. In fact, book publishing is both easy and difficult. If you know the process of publishing very well, your book will get published without any discomfiture or inconvenience. But, if you know only one aspect of publishing, the contrary might be correct. Knowing the nuances of the process of publishing is the biggest thing that helps those future authors who are not aware with these.

Given below are the process and step involved in book publishing:

  • Manuscript : You might have something in writing that according to you worth publishing. This piece of writing is known as manuscript in publishing industry. Manuscript is actually the first process of publishing. It is comparable to a lottery ticket that you buy in a quest to win lottery. It is also your very strength that will help you make noticeable. Mind, the publisher will adore or ignore you, based on your manuscript only and not for any other thing. So, the very first stage of publishing happens to be the manuscript.
  • Contacting Publisher : It is important to know here that having complete manuscript is not necessary to contact publisher. Even if you are on the half way completing your manuscript, you can get the eyes of the publisher. You may contact one or more publisher with the content of your manuscript. When you get the publisher that you think will do justice with your book to-be-published, you can think you have completed the second step of book publishing.
  • Contract : When you and your publisher decide to work together, the next thing that comes in the process, is making a contract. Your publisher will like to make a contract to become doubly sure that you will not be contacting any other publisher at the same time. Mind, do not sign the contract paper before consulting your advocate or knowing one hundred per cent of what is written in the contract. It is an important part in the process of publishing.
  • Post-publishing promotion : The publishers of today, apart from publishing book, does also help authors in post-publishing promotion. If you are not writing a school book, this promotional package will be very much beneficial for you to make the presence of your book felt among your potential readers. A renowned publishing house with good track record in publishing takes care of all the promotions that are required in today’s digital world.

It is important to note that the above-mentioned processes include but not limited to the process of publishing prevalent among the publishers of today.

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