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Writing Tips : How To Write a Novel Quickly ? (2019)

If you have a passion for writing and searching for methods on how to write a novel and share your thoughts and experiences on paper then you are bearing a writer within you, who wants to show the world from his/her perspective. For all those aspiring writers, National Novel Writing …

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How to Write Non-fiction Book (2018)

In the lines of Hillenbrand, “With non-fiction the task is very straightforward. Do the research, tell the story.” There is a thin-wafer line but, important difference between fiction and non-fiction book. In fiction book, you are the driver of the story that you choose, you enjoy full control over it. …

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How to Write fiction Book (2019)

It is rightly said that you can make your fiction book exceptionally popular, provided you know as to how to streamline your thought, what to highlight, what to hide and how to represent your creation. Creativity is the King when it comes to writing a fiction book. If you make …

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How to select the topic in Book Writing (2019)

Finding you here means two things—you are toying with the idea of publishing your book and you want to know about the topic in book writing that will be able to speak through the minds of your prospective readers. Well, firstly, I will like to congratulate you for your decision, …

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The Process of Book Publishing (2019)

Man is borne with creativity. It is like a gift of the gab, every human being is endowed with. A successful fisherman communicates the innovative way of catching fish to his family members and close associates, an experienced driver gives tips to his juniors on how to drive safe and …

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