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Delhi Air Pollution | Delhi smog 2017 Very Useful Tips

Since air pollution has reached at alarming level, it is high time, we did our damndest to safeguard ourselves from its numerous health hazards. Given below are the ways that will help you make less vulnerable to the air pollution:1. Monitor the Air Quality Index(AQI) with the help of Sameer …

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Rajasthan Pushkar Mela – Chalo Pushkar (2018)

राजस्थान का पुष्कर मेला शुरू हो चुका है। ३१ अक्टूबर से ४ नवम्बर के बीच यह अपने चरम पर होगा। प्रस्तुत ब्लॉग में हम आपको पुष्कर से संबंधित धर्मिक मान्यताओं की कुछ जानकारियां देना चाहेंगे। पुष्कर राजस्थान के अजमेर शहर से लगभग १४ किलोमीटर दूर स्थित एक धार्मिक क़स्बा है, …

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Qatar IGNOU has Something to Offer to All Students (2018)

Qatar IGNOU has Something to Offer to All Students

For all those who pay a visit to Qatar, it is an enamouring beauty. The city worths investing in flight tickets as it is a hub of cultural attractions, world-famous monuments, museums and historical emblems and epicenter of sporting activities. From the noteworthy sightseeing, modern luxury hotels, well-maintained seaports, airports, …

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How Good Parenting Can Ensure Kids Safety? (2018)

The fact cannot be underestimated that Child Abuse Cases are rising day by day all around the country and Ryan school murder case is enough to make all of us a bit more conscious in respect of kids’ safety. CBSE is also taking the required steps in respect of this …

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Why you should read Hindi (2018)

It is rightly said that Hindi is in the Heart of India. Hindi language has its root in classical Sanskrit language and much of its vocabulary has Sanskrit origin. Its grammar too is by and large similar to Sanskrit. These are some of the reasons why the intellectuals name it …

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How to get the Best History Books (2018)

There are so many subjects that student choose out of compulsion—may be because they provide greater career opportunities, skill you want to acquire and the demand for the subjects, so on and so forth. But, history is altogether different from all of these. Students choose this subject out of curiosity, …

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Understanding Poetry (2018)

In the lines of Robert Frost, “poetry is when emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words. Since long time poetry has been used to inspire the readers, it was used to inspire our patriots, to instill a hope in the minds of hopeless, a ray of …

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Why you should Read Book on Yoga? (2018)

Body is like temple. You should never allow yourself to desecrate it. The good and progressive thought comes up in mind, when and only when body is devoid of any kind of impurities and illness. Yoga is the ultimate practice that cleans not only the mind, but also the very …

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Literary Events Across Delhi (2018)

Literary events are predominantly those events that are related to creative and intellectual activities. These activities include but not limited to storytelling, meet-the-author talks, writers’ camp, creative writing, workshops, literacy day, writers’ festival, community events, keynote speaking, literary launches, book launches, illustration workshops, award ceremonies, motivational talks, etc. These days, …

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