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How to Manage your Time with Job (2019)

The employees of today want to know as to how to manage time with job. Understandably so, because they have to be on their toes every hour of the day and every minute of the hour to get the things accomplished. The common challenge before the employees of today is …

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The NCERT had introduced the B.Ed. Programme of two years‘ duration in the year 1999 in its four RIEs in pursuance of the recommendations of the NCTE Curriculum Framework of 1998. The programme has been in operation for more than 15 years. As such the RIEs have already gained enough …

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1.  The GPH books cover all syllabuses as prescribed by Universities/Boards/Institutions. This helps students to understand and study the whole syllabus in a quick way. This makes students confident for the examinations. 2. The GPH books are written in easily understandable language and format that save hours of frustration for …

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विश्व पुस्तक मेला 2018 : क्यों, कैसे और किस तरह

ज्ञान की दृष्टि से भारत विश्व गुरु रहा है। जब विश्व के अधिकांश देश सभ्य भी नहीं हुए थे, हमारे देश के लोग सूर्य और चंद्र की गतिविधियों का अध्ययन करते  थे, खगोलीय गणनाएं करते थे। भारत ही वह देश है जिसने विश्व को शून्य का ज्ञान दिया। किताबों का …

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Distance Learning and Gullybaba

Distance Learning is one of the best options for education for those students, who because of some or the other reason, fail to pursue it through regular process. The present blog will analyze the distance education process in a bit detail. What is Distance Education? Distance Education is the process …

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IGNOU B.SC.(MAJOR) Degree in Physics Complete Detail (2018)

As per the educational survey conducted recently, it has become an irrefutable fact that the number of students enrolled in B.SC. degree in Physics is more than any stream. Understandably so, because a bachelor’s degree in Physics is a great foundation for the careers that include but not limited to …

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