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Qatar IGNOU has Something to Offer to All Students

Qatar IGNOU has Something to Offer to All Students (2018)

For all those who pay a visit to Qatar, it is an enamouring beauty. The city worths investing in flight tickets as it is a hub of cultural attractions, world-famous monuments, museums and historical emblems and epicenter of sporting activities. From the noteworthy sightseeing, modern luxury hotels, well-maintained seaports, airports, recreational pursuits, traditional or modern shopping centres to cruise on a traditional boat known as “Dhow”, Qatar is indeed a treasure trove of glittering cultural and heritage gems. It is said that a foreigner, when comes in the city of Qatar gets so engrossed exploring the beauty of the city that he leaves all the wishes to return to his home country.

Apart from the adjectives mentioned above, one thing that is though recent, but is adding new feather in its cap is its recognition as an important destination for higher education. Though there are a number of contributing factors for this long-cherished recognition, but if one has to name only one factor, it has to be IGNOU or Indira Gandhi National Open University. No doubt, IGNOU has transcended the boundaries and now it has become the emblem of distance as well as higher education across the globe. Qatar is the country, the educationists of today believe has immensely benefited through the presence of IGNOU. If you are in Dubai and you want to know about the contact details of IGNOU operating in your city so that you can explore your educational opportunities with this university, here it is:

Contact information:-

P.O.Box: 3453, Doha, Qatar

Telephone: +00974-4683344

Fax: 00974-4681816


Indira Gandhi National Open University Qatar Programmes on Offer:


It was in May, 2008 when IGNOU expanded its courses to Qatar and hence IGNOU, Qatar came into existence. However, the International Division of the university had started its operation in October, 1997 itself. Though the educationists were not that sure of the success of IGNOU, Qatar, but the phenomenal response of the students there made them quite elated. No doubt, since its inception, IGNOU, Qatar has been able to live up to the highest expectation of the students there.

Why Qatar, IGNOU?

➤ Universally-recognized Degree: You may give several reasons when asked as to why you have opted for a particular program, but one answer that will invariably be there is a degree. The degree should be recognized and in today’s world it should be globally recognized. And the good thing about Qatar, IGNOU is that the degree here is recognized globally. So, you can throw all the cautions related to the credibility of the degree provided by IGNOU to the wind.
➤ No Crisis of Course Materials: Onething that deters a foreign student to get enrolled in distance education is the supposed crisis of the course materials. But, if you get enrolled with Qatar, IGNOU, you will be surprisingly happy to know that the courses materials will come to your doorstep well ahead of the stipulated time period. So, if you have any negativity regarding the course materials, just dispel it.
➤ Abundant Availability of Help Books: If the content of the study materials troubles you, there are several books in the form of help books that will help you understand the topic with effortless ease. These help books, apart from being a great time and money saver, will also help you fetch good marks in the ensuing examination.

Where to Get IGNOU Help Books from?

Getting help books of IGNOU is like a cakewalk. All that you need to do is to search with the keywords like “IGNOU Help Books”, “Help Books for IGNOU” and you will get myriads of sources from which you can obtain these books from. But, if you want the sure shot way to secure success in examination, Gullybaba is the publication you can Trust Totally.

Why Gullybaba?

➤ Lucid language and Illustrations: Books are nothing but the printed words. If the language used in books goes over the top of the students, no matter how rich the content is, it will fail to align with the students. And good thing about the books of Gullybaba is that these are written in easy-to-understand language along with illustrations.
➤ Time and Money Saver: If you are in Qatar, you may be working somewhere in the city. You may not get the time required to prepare for the exam comprehensively, reading exhaustively, making notebooks, question answers, etc. Gullybaba will prove to be nothing less than a boon if this is the case. You will get everything essential integrated in your book. You need not look beyond the book, you need not rather think beyond the book. Just get the mastery over the content of the book and you will surely get good marks.
➤ All courses’ Books: You name a programme and you will find its books reading available in Gullybaba. The publication has a constellation of highly qualified, knowledgeable and experienced authors who know how to create a book and make it of best use for the students.
➤ Reputed Name: With more than a decade of dedicated service, Gullybaba has earned the Hashtag of “Reputed”. So, if you are among those students who believe in the best, you may opt for the reputed one. Gullybaba has been able to earn a coveted position for itself in distance education through its books that contain all these that are necessary to secure good marks in the examination.
➤ Previous Years’ Questions: The questions from the last 5 to 10 years are indeed very important to know the trend and pattern of questions. And Gullybaba is arguably the best publication to get the previous years’ questions, both solved and unsolved. The solved question papers help you know as to how to write the questions whereas the unsolved ones prompt you to write the answers on your own.

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It is important to note here that the above-mentioned reasons include but not limited to the reasons why the students of Qatar should opt for Qatar, IGNOU.

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