Monday , October 14 2019

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Why you should read Hindi (2018)

It is rightly said that Hindi is in the Heart of India. Hindi language has its root in classical Sanskrit language and much of its vocabulary has Sanskrit origin. Its grammar too is by and large similar to Sanskrit. These are some of the reasons why the intellectuals name it …

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How to select the best book on Hindi Language (2018)

You might have seen people arguing against the relevance of Hindi language. They might argue that gone are the days of Hindi language, for it is no longer a good career provider. There is no Premchand or Nirala today, Google does not come up with the content of Hindi unless …

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How to get the Best History Books (2018)

There are so many subjects that student choose out of compulsion—may be because they provide greater career opportunities, skill you want to acquire and the demand for the subjects, so on and so forth. But, history is altogether different from all of these. Students choose this subject out of curiosity, …

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