Tuesday , April 23 2019

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Distance Learning and Gullybaba

Distance Learning is one of the best options for education for those students, who because of some or the other reason, fail to pursue it through regular process. The present blog will analyze the distance education process in a bit detail. What is Distance Education? Distance Education is the process …

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How to prepare IGNOU Projects?

Project is the core in all the IGNOU Courses. Though almost all the students of IGNOU feel that they are capable of writing (good) projects, but what prevents them from taking an initiative is the fear that it will get rejected by their respective study centre. If you are among …

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How to Write IGNOU Assignments?

Assignment is the collection of questions related to your course. The students are required to answer these questions correctly in their own languages and deposit it in their study centre in the stipulated time period. Assignment Submission is Required for All masters, Bachelor, PG Diploma, Diploma, PG Certificate and certificate …

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