Tuesday , June 18 2019

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Why is Yoga so Good? (2018)

The practitioners of Yoga already know, but those who do not know it from close quarters, want to know as to why is yoga so good? And there comes many “for” after this phrase like for body, for mind, for soul, for happiness, so on and so forth. There are …

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Advantages of doing M.Ed. from IGNOU (2018)

A master’s degree in Education, popularly known as M.Ed. , is one of the most sought after degrees today. All those teachers who wish to climb the ladder of their career fast, gain a new specialty, become a distinguished person within a school or even just want to gain more …

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What is the future of Distance Education? (2018)

The educationists of today are quite ecstatic with the phenomenal success of Distance Education. But, there are some who want to know as to what is the future of distance education in India. These are those people who though feel good for the meteoric success of this mode of education …

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