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All that you may want to know about World Book Fair (2018)

All that you may want to know about World Book Fair

Book Fair is not less than a national festival for the intellectuals. It is rightly said that Book Fair is the only place you need not talk in a way so that no only the intellectuals, but all could understand. It happens to be a roaming ground for the intelligentsia, an enriching experience for the book lovers and plays a pivotal role in encouraging the reading habits among all with a  flair of reading.

New Delhi World Book Fair

New Delhi World Book Fair, popularly known as NDWBF, is the most exciting event for all those who are associated with books for some reason or the other. The fair is held for the past five decades. National Book Trust organizes this fair. It is an autonomous organization and works towards the promotion of books. The organization strives to inculcate the reading habits in the people of this country. The organization works under the HRD (Human Resource Development) Ministry, Government of India.

The Co-organizer of the Fair is Indian Trade Promotion Organization, popularly known as ITPO. It works under the auspices of the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India. It provides a great platform for the trade and industry of the country to grow exponentially and thereby plays a prominent role in the growth of the trade of India.


New Delhi World Book Fairs so far …

Year Venue Area (Sq. Mtr.) Participants
1st 1972 Windsor Place 7,780 200
2nd 1976 Pragati Maidan 7,700 266
3rd 1978 Pragati Maidan 12,000 554
4th 1980 Pragati Maidan 16,800 450
5th 1982 Pragati Maidan 21,000 540
6th 1984 Pragati Maidan 20,000 561
7th 1986 Pragati Maidan 20,000 600
8th 1988 Pragati Maidan 21,000 625
9th 1990 Pragati Maidan 22,000 625
10th 1992 Pragati Maidan 24,000 849
11th 1994 Pragati Maidan 26,000 984
12th 1996 Pragati Maidan 32,000 984
13th 1998 Pragati Maidan 21,600 1036
14th 2000 Pragati Maidan 29,000 1281
15th 2002 Pragati Maidan 25,000 1065
16th 2004 Pragati Maidan 36,000 1240
17th 2006 Pragati Maidan 38,300 1293
18th 2008 Pragati Maidan 45,500 1343
19th 2010 Pragati Maidan 41,069 1234
20th 2012 Pragati Maidan 45,913 1297
21st 2013 Pragati Maidan 46,258 1092
 22nd 2014 Pragati Maidan 37,724 1023
23rd 2015 Pragati Maidan 36,549 1047
24th 2016 Pragati Maidan 36,548 886



Gullybaba at the World Book Fair

For all your queries for handy books, we are a one stop solution. “Gullybaba Publishing House Private Limited” is a decade and half year old publishing house. We publish IGNOU books and study material, NIOS Courses’ books, previous years’ solved question papers, and important exam notes, assignments, project report synopsis etc. In addition to these we do also publish books on fiction, non-fiction, poems, Yoga, Astrology, Fitness, Life Science and lots more on the contemporary topics.

Our journey has been joyous in the World Book Fair. Our Book ‘And a Star is born’ selected as opening book in National Book Trust, India catalogue on Indian Cinema in 20th World Book Fair, New Delhi and since then feather kept on adding in our cap. Our books have become a phenomenal hit in not only in the book fairs organized in India, but also in foreign countries, like Frankfurt, UAE, UK, etc.

Our Popular Books

1) Yoga: Yoga & Ayurveda for all,
2) The Lover: You Have Been Missing,
3) “Mera” Sukh “Kiske “Hath”,
4) Fitness Forever,
5) Dadi Janki Dwara Chune Gaye Heere Moti,
6) Healing Touch: Samay Ki Pukar,
7) Vriksh Lagaye: Grahon Ko apne anukool banaye

The books we publish are printed in good quality with proper binding and hence are also preferred by professors and lecturers of various colleges and educational institutes for reference and for preparation of examinations. To prepare students for exams, our books provide rich knowledge and easy answers to complex problems. Some of the features of our books are as follows:

  • Long lasting binding
  • Easily understandable language
  • Concise but complete information
  • Rich content and word vocabulary
  • Written by highly qualified authors
  • Provided with upgraded knowledge

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Why World Book Fair is a Unique Opportunity for the Publishers?

Today, the publishing world has recognized India as Boss in Book Publishing and most of its credit goes to the Book Fair that keeps on getting organized quite frequently in many important cities of India. The World Book Fair provides a conducive opportunity for the new but quality publisher to make its products(books) viewed, acknowledged and accepted by the masses. And once even a single or few titles of a publisher starts speaking through the minds of its readers, it never looks back.

In addition to the neophyte publisher, the world book fair is also an ideal place for promoting titles, launch new books and expand business for an already established publisher. If you are a permanent visitor of book fairs, you may have notices the stalls of extremely popular publications.


Why World Book Fair is a Unique Opportunity for the Readers?

Some ill-informed and badly-educated readers of today opine that gone are the days of printed books. And this is the reason they nullify the opportunity that a prominent book fair provides to its readers. But, the fact of the matter is that printed books are endowed with abundant qualities and these qualities will always make it more sought-after than the e-books.

According to a medical research, a light-emitting e-book on bed can prevent you of a sound sleep, create neurological imbalance and thereby affect your overall health. In addition to it, print books can pass to one generation to the next, can get  underlined, its paragraph can be cut and pasted at appropriate places and can be touched when it is gifted by someone.

World Book Fair, Pragati Maidan gives a feeling of you name it, they have it feeling. More than 500 publishers have their stalls in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. Forget the national language the books are available here in almost all regional languages as well.


World Book Fair 2018 Date Venue & Time

DATE: 6th – 14th January 2018

VENUE: Pragati Maidan, New Delhi


World Book Fair 2018 Discounts


One of the reasons for massive turnout in World Book Fair is the heavy discounts on books offered there. Though there has already been lucrative discounts in almost at every stall, but if the opinion of the educationists is to be believed, it is all set to soar higher in the world book fair 2018.

Gullybaba World Book Fair 2018 Discounts 

  1. Purchase books worth Rs 1000 and get
  • A Titan watch that will catch the eyes of all worth Rs 2100 —- ladies/gents
  • Free lunch/dinner worth Rs 1000 just for you to dine with your dear one
  • Free books worth rupees Rs 2100 from our book stall at WBF
  1. Like and Subscribe to our social media channels, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. and walk with free hamper worth rupees 500 which includes pen, keychain, yoga book, executive pad, sticky notes, etc. And Click a pic. with our Gullybaba Mascot

World Book Fair 2018 Ticket

Ticket Packages/Prices:

Categories Offer names
Adults Rs.30/-
Children Free Entry

Cost per ticket: Rs.30/-

Special mention: kids and school-children can get free entry with their identity cards.

How to Book Tickets for New Delhi Book Fair 2018?

Getting ticket/s for the New Delhi World Book Fair 2018 is now just few clicks away:

  • Log on to the website of either Paytm or Book My Show
  • Find the event New Delhi World Book Fair
  • Go to buy tickets
  • Select the number of tickets(1 or more)
  • Click on Proceed Payment
  • Your ticket is booked

You can buy ticket through the App also

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