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Literary Events Across Delhi (2018)

Literary events are predominantly those events that are related to creative and intellectual activities. These activities include but not limited to storytelling, meet-the-author talks, writers’ camp, creative writing, workshops, literacy day, writers’ festival, community events, keynote speaking, literary launches, book launches, illustration workshops, award ceremonies, motivational talks, etc. These days, blogging workshop is also included in literary events. Talking in India’s perspective, these events aim at serving literature and make the presence of India felt in global intellectual platform. Delhi, being the national capital of India, has been at the forefront of the country’s literal activism. There are so many centres here that organizes and promote literary events across Delhi.

Given below are some of these centres:


  • India habitat Centre: It inculcates better awareness and good understanding of almost all aspects of creative human activities.
  • India Islamic Cultural Centre: Incepted in the year 1984 by the then Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the centre strives to promote a mutual understanding and amity amongst the people of this country. The centre organizes a number of literal events and promotes these across Delhi
  • National Literal Educational and Welfare Mission Trust: This trust is located in Delhi. It is registered as a trust at Delhi and is known for working on key issues of Education & Literacy, information & Communication Technology.
  • Delhi Haat: Delhi Haat is the very venue intellectuals use to exchange their ideas and stories. This is the very place where writers, poets, journals, bloggers and artists come together and enlighten the august surrounding with their views.

The above-mentioned venues, include but not limited to the venues where literal events are held on and off in Delhi.

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