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IGNOU Major Degree in B.Sc. Zoology: Things you may want to Know (2018)

IGNOU major degree B.Sc. Zoology is understandably the most sought after course for science students. There is no doubt that Zoology brings the prospect of great job opportunities. In fact, zoologists are in great demand, especially by the companies that work closely with animals like manufacturing veterinary products and the likes. They are in the high salary brackets, though it largely depends on the factors like educational qualifications, form of job, nature of job and the challenge that a particular job has.

Major degree B.Sc. Zoology is more preferable than the B.Sc. general degree because it proves that the student has specialization on zoology and that not just one of the subjects that he reads about. Moreover, when a student gets Major degree, the prospect of employability becomes more in comparison with a general degree. Indeed, the B.Sc. Zoology major degree of IGNOU is a common topic of curiosity among the students of today.

The present blog discusses at length about the important information regarding Major degree B.Sc. Zoology provided by IGNOU.

IGNOU Major Degree B.Sc. Zoology Full Detail

Minimum Duration: 3 Years
Maximum Duration: 6 Years
Course Fee: Rs 10,500
Minimum Age: No Bar
Maximum Age: No Bar


10+2 in Science or equivalent

Fee Structure: Though the total program fee is Rs. 10, 500, but the students can make the total payment in 3 installments annually i.e., 3,500 per Annum.

Mode of Payment: Demand Draft(DD) in  favour of IGNOU

Payable at:  your regional centre


For the students of B. Sc (Major) in Zoology, Elective Courses worth 48 credits in Life Sciences [LSE-01 to LSE-08(L) worth 32 credits]. Along with this, a package of courses [LSE-09, 10, 11(L) worth 16 credits] is required.

Important Note:

If you fail to complete various B.Sc.(Major) degrees, you will not be awarded the Major degree. Instead, you will get a General degree, if you complete any other combination of courses from among science elective courses.


Course Name: Credits
Foundation Course in English-1 Or Foundation Course in Hindi-2 4
Foundation Course in Science and Technology 8
Foundation Course in Science and Technology 8
Foundation Course in Humanities and Social Sciences 8
Foundation Course in Hindi 4
Foundation Course in English 4
Foundation Course in Humanities and Social Sciences 4
Foundation Course in English 4

                                        Any one of the following Courses:

Foundation Course in Bengali 4
Foundation Course in Punjabi 4
Foundation Course in Sanskrit 4
Foundation Course in Urdu 4
Foundation Course in Gujarati 4
Foundation Course in Kannada 4
Foundation Course in Assamese 4
Foundation Course in Tamil 4
Foundation Course in Oriya 4
Foundation Course in Telugu 4
Foundation Course in Malayalam 4
Foundation Course in Marathi 4
Foundation Course in English-2 4
Foundation Course in Hindi-1 4

Elective Courses of Life Sciences

Cell Biology 4
Ecology 4
Genetics 4
Laboratory Course-I 4
Physiology 4
Developmental Biology 4
Taxonomy and Evolution 4
Animal Diversity-I 6
Animal Diversity-II 6
Animal Diversity Lab 4
Plant Diversity-I 6
Plant Diversity-II 6
Plant Diversity Lab 4

                                              Elective Courses of Physics

Elementary Mechanics 2
Oscillations and Waves 2
Physics Laboratory-I 4
Mathematical Methods in Physics-I 2
Mathematical Methods in Physics-II 2
Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics 4
Electric and Magnetic Phenomena 4
Physics Laboratory-II 4
Optics 4
Electrical Circuits and Electronics 4
Modern Physics 4
Physics Laboratory-III 4
Physics of Solids 4
Mathematical Methods in Physics-III 4
Astronomy and Astrophysics 4
Communication Physics 4

Note: For complete course and course code, pay a visit to the official website of IGNOU, please refer to

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