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Things to Know About IGNOU, Saudi Arabia (2018)

Saudi Arabia is recognized as a state in Asia which has world’s tallest building, where the oil reserves are massive and where the petrol is cheaper than water. It is also known as a home to Islam’s holiest cities. Of late, it has also been able to assert itself in the field of education. With more than 31,000 schools, 200 international schools and 24 universities, the kingdom boasts of having the largest women’s university. Apart from these attributing factors, one thing that has made it a favourite destination for the students is the establishment of Saudi Arabia, IGNOU.

IGNOU Centers in Saudi Arabia

IGNOU Saudi Arabia Center Code: 6101
IGNOU Saudi Arabia Address: Educational Consulting And Guidance Services , Po Box: 5791 Jeddah – 21432
Ph No.: +9662-6762030
Email ID :

IGNOU Saudi Arabia Center Code: 6102
IGNOU Saudi Arabia Address: Educational Consulting And Guidance Services , Oruba Street, Near Shablan Clinic Riyadh – 11692
Ph No.: +9661-2153537
Email ID :

IGNOU Saudi Arabia Center Code: 6103
IGNOU Saudi Arabia Address: Educational Consulting And Guidance Services , Al
Khuzyiam Commercial Centre Dharan Street, Opp. Al Johra
Market Al-Khobar – 31952
Ph No.: +9663-8653122
Email ID :
IGNOU Saudi Arabia Contact Person: Mr. Riaz Mulla

IGNOU Saudi Arabia Center Code: 6106
IGNOU Saudi Arabia Address: Institute Of Industrial Technology For Training, Po Box: 60124 Dammam -1545
Ph No.: +966-38056152
Email ID :


The Educational Consulting & Guidance Services in Saudi Arabia is providing almost all the contemporary courses that include but not limited to BA, B.Com, BTS, MBA, B.Ed. through the distance learning program by IGNOU. You can find study centers in almost all important cities, Jeddah, Dammam & Riyadh to name a few.
IGNOU, Saudi Arabia came into existence in 2004 with only 67 students on its roll. Today, there are almost 50,000 students, with the percentage of girls being maximum(70%), pursuing their career in the various programmes of IGNOU’s three networking centers of Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam. The university has been providing enriching environment with a learning system comprising printed study materials, audios, videos as well as other internet-based learning. Simply put, IGNOU, Saudi Arabia has done its damndest to live up to the needs, requirements and wishes of its students.

Why Saudi Arabia, IGNOU?

Universally-accepted Degree: We are in a death-of-distance era. The generation of today gets works in the foreign companies after showing their degrees that are universally recognized. So, a degree if not recognized globally, is of little use for the students of today. And good thing about Saudi Arabia, IGNOU is that it is recognized universally.
Timely Availability of Study Materials: I have seen the plight of foreigners with regard to course materials. So many students feel dejected and rejected for not getting the course materials on time. They start regretting for their decision to get enrolled in a course mooted and formulated by a foreign university. But, it is not true with IGNOU, Saudi Arabia. You will get your study materials before you think of it.
Help Books for the Needy: Though the study materials provided by IGNOU will suffice your needs, nonetheless if you feel any need of help books, you will get plenty of it and that too with utmost ease and convenience. With the help of these books, you can secure good marks, even if you have not been able to prepare for examination comprehensively.

Where to Get IGNOU Help Books from?
Getting IGNOU help books is not at all difficult. You can find plenty of sources by just typing the relevant keywords on Google. However, I will suggest you to fetch the books of Gullybaba, the brightest start in the horizon of distance education.

Why Gullybaba?

Easy language with suitable Illustrations: Language happens to be the most important pillar of a book, if the book is educational. If the students do not comprehend the language of a book, no matter how rich the content is, they will surely disregard it. And one of the most fascinating things about the books of Gullybaba is that they are written in very Lucid Language. To make it more understandable, there are illustrations at suitable places.
Maximum preparation in minimum time: If you are in Saudi Arabia, chances are you would be employed with a company. So, you may not be getting the time that is required to prepare for the examination thoroughly. And the books of Gullybaba will dispel all your fear of getting low marks due to inadequate preparation. With the help of these books, you will definitely be able to do maximum preparation in minimum time.
Books available for all the Contemporary Courses: I hardly found any publishing house with books on all the contemporary courses. Even if any name I can remember, I can’t suggest any one, for I know it will not augur well for the students. These books fail on the twin tests—getting good marks in examination and having comprehensive knowledge on the subject. But, Gullybaba is the publishing house you can trust totally, for getting good marks and obtaining good knowledge of the concerned subject.
Maximum Number of Previous Years’ Question Papers: You may think that you have prepared well for the examination. You may think that you have got mastery over a particular subject. But, unless you come to know the question pattern of IGNOU, you can never be sure of your preparation. And in order to know the level of preparation, getting/solving the previous years’ questions will best serve your purpose. Gullybaba is the publication that is second to none when it comes to providing previous years’ question papers. Good thing is that it contains both solved and unsolved question papers. Solved question papers will help you know as to how to write answers of the questions whereas the unsolved ones will motivate you to write the ways answers are written in the solved ones.

Important links that will make you more familiar with Gullybaba

It is important to note here that the above-mentioned reasons include but not limited to the reasons why the students of Qatar should opt for Saudi Arabia, IGNOU.

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