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IGNOU B.SC.(MAJOR) Degree in Physics Complete Detail (2018)

As per the educational survey conducted recently, it has become an irrefutable fact that the number of students enrolled in B.SC. degree in Physics is more than any stream. Understandably so, because a bachelor’s degree in Physics is a great foundation for the careers that include but not limited to Journalism, Law, Finance, Medicine, Engineering, Computer Science, Astronomy, etc. Even when job market is not very enthusiastic, physicists get good job offers with lucrative packages. The present blog discusses the IGNOU B.SC. physics eligibility, its 1st year syllabus, and how to prepare for IGNOU B.SC. Physics Assignment.

IGNOU B.SC. Physics eligibility

The eligibility criteria for IGNOU B.SC. are quite flexible. Given below are the eligibility criteria:

10+2 in science or equivalent
Fee structure : 10,500(subject to change)
Year-wise payment of 35,00 rs. Through Demand Draft at your IGNOU Centre

Credit Structure

For  IGNOU B.SC. in Physics(MAJOR) Degree, you have to earn 48 credits from PHE 1 to PHE 16 in the time frame of 3-6 years. If you fail to earn the required degree, you will not be awarded the  Physics (MAJOR) degree. Instead, you will be awarded the B. SC. (General) degree.

Programme Structure

The 96 credits for the B.Sc. programme are to be spread over three categories of courses as given below:

Foundation Courses: 24 credits
Elective Courses: 56 to 64 Credits
Application-oriented Courses: (provided in final year)8-16 Credits
Awareness Course on Environment- Nil
Total-96 Credits
You will have to earn 32 credits each year.
For admission you can apply online on the official website of IGNOU
Offline mode: You can apply for the course by paying a visit to the nearest IGNOU centre

IGNOU B.SC. Physics 1st Year Syllabus

BPHE-101 Elementary Mechanics
(Kinematics of Motion, Dynamics of
Motion, Work and Energy, Angular Motion,
Many Particle Systems, Dynamics of Many-Particle
Systems, Rigid Body Dynamics, Non-inertial Frames of
Reference, Appendixes on Vector

For full detail of the  IGNOU B.SC. Physics 1st Year Syllabus, log on to

IGNOU B.SC. Physics Other Important Detail:

Minimum Duration: 3 Years
Maximum Duration: 6 Years
Age Limit: Age  no bar

How to Write IGNOU B.SC. Physics assignment

Preparing for IGNOU Physics Assignment is both easy and difficult. It is easy if you know about its intricacies. But, it is difficult if you are not aware of or you are wrongly informed. Given below are the tips for writing IGNOU Physics Assignment:

  1. Know the Topic Well: Most of the students of today take tension of IGNOU B.SC. Physics assignment. And hence in a quest to complete the assignment as fast as they can, they become unmindful of the topics they have to make assignment on. They just keep on getting the materials, even if they are remotely connected and not much relevant to the topic. Subsequently, their assignments are either copied or fail to get the eyes of their teachers. So, if you want to ward off any such type of situation, forget the compulsion of submitting the assignment paper. Instead, devote more and more time on knowing the topic of your assignment unambiguously.
  2. Avoid Uncommon Words: Mind, an easily understandable word attracts reward and equally true is an abstruse word attracts penalty(less marks). So, do not use less common word in a quest to make your examiner impressed that he/she will get impressed that you a word that is known to very less number of students of Physics. Always stick to simple, easily understandable words with not more than 5 sentences’ paragraph.
  3. Do not fill your answer sheet with technical jargons: So many students are fond of using technical jargons; maybe they are under the impression that the use of these words will make greater compact on the examiner or these words will help you stand ahead of their classmates. But, the fact is exactly the opposite. So, use these jargons, but with all care and caution.
  4. Make a Logical Conclusion: Mind, your examiner is more qualified, more experienced and more equipped than you are. He/she may or may not be able to see your assignment from start to finish. A logical conclusion of your assignment will suffice your work. By simply glancing through the conclusion the examiner will come to know about your level of knowledge and its presentation. So, do not forget to write a conclusion or summary of your assignment.
  5. Write in Beautiful Handwriting: Mind, writing that is not legible, fails to attract the attention of the examiner, no matter how well you have written it. So, it is as important as your knowledge about the topic of your assignment or its presentation. Your handwriting should not only be legible, rather it should be attractive so that the examiner could get tempted to read more and more.

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