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IGNOU BDP BA History Solved Assignment 2018-19


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IGNOU BDP BA History Solved Assignment EHI

EHI-1 Modern India 1857-1964 Download Now
EHI-2 India: Earliest Times To The 8th Century A.D Download Now
EHI-3 India From 8th To 15th Century A.D Download Now
EHI-4 India From 16th To Mid 18th Century Download Now
EHI-5 India From Mid 18th To Mid 19th Century Download Now
EHI-6 History Of China And Japan:1840-1949 Download Now
EHI-7 Modern Europe: Mid Eighteenth To Mid Twentieth Century Download Now

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EHI-01 Modern India: 1857-1964 Solved Assignment 2018-2019

EHI-01 Solved Assignment 2018-19

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Title Name EHI-01 History Solved Assignment 2018-19
University IGNOU
Service Type Solved Assignment (Soft copy/PDF)
Course BA (History)
Session 2018-19
Assignment Code EHI-1/AST/TMA/2018-19
Submission Date before March 31th, 2019 for the session July, 2018 and before September 30th, 2019 for the session January 2019

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Note: All questions are compulsory. Marks are indicated against each question.
Section 1: Answer each question in about 500 words each.

1. Discuss the rise of national consciousness in 19th-century India. 20
Discuss the role of the Indian state in promoting industrialisation after 1947.
2. Discuss the main characteristics of the popular movements during the second half of 19th century. 20
Describe the early political activities of Mahatma Gandhi after his arrival from South Africa.

Section 2: Answer in about 250 words each.
3. Describe the various types of land settlements in colonial India. 12
Discuss the controversies relating to the foundation of the Indian National Congress.
4. Write a note on the Indian National Army (INA). 12
Write a note on the formation and the early activities of the Communist Party.
5. What is ‘de-industrialisation’? What was its impact on the Indian Economy during the colonial period? 12
Explain the causes of the Revolt of 1857.
6. What was the contribution of the Swaraj Party to the Indian National Movement? 12
Write a note on the Swadeshi movement in Bengal.

Section 3: Answer in about 100 words each.
7. Write short notes on any two of the following: 6+6
(a) The Nehru Report (1928)
(b) Government of India Act, 1935
(c) Bankim Chandra
(d) Drain of Wealth

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