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IGNOU Assignments Preparation Tips (2019)

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The students of IGNOU invariably ask for IGNOU assignment preparation tips. It is understandably so because they do not get foolproof information about the assignment preparation. The scattered information make them remain in doubts and this is the reason they keep on searching for one source to the other in the quest to get concrete and comprehensive knowledge about IGNOU Assignment Preparation. The present blog will discuss at length all the important details related to the assignment of IGNOU.

What is an IGNOU Assignment?

IGNOU Assignment is a specific task given to the students of IGNOU by the university to complete within a specific period of time. It is actually the questionnaire related to your course. The students of IGNOU need to write answers of these questions and submit it to their respective study centres within the timeframe given by the university.
The importance of assignment can easily be understood from the single fact that if any student fails in the assignment work, he or she cannot be considered pass even after passing the yearly examination. IGNOU evaluates the performance of its students through their marks in theory as well as assignment. The ratio of assignment and theory paper is 30:70. That means, your assignment will carry 30% of total marks.

For which Program Assignment Submission is Required?

All masters, bachelors, PG Diploma, Diploma, PG Certificate and Certificate Program.

How to Get IGNOU Assignments?

Generally, the students of IGNOU get the copy of their assignments along with their study materials. But, if by any reason they do not get the copy, they need not be panicky. They can visit their study centre and ask for it. Apart from it, they can also download their copy through the official website of IGNOU. In addition to these, the students can also get it from their friends.

IGNOU Assignments Preparation Tips

1. Make your Cover Page Simple: Some students of IGNOU make the cover page of their assignment their laboratory. They keep on putting creativity on the cover page. Some paste photograph of Indira Gandhi, some put the recent photograph of their own, some write about their patriotic emotions, so on and so forth. But, if you want to get good marks of your assignments, do not do anything like these. Here, it is important to know for you that keeping your cover page simple does not mean that you should leave blank the spaces you will require to fill, such as name, program code, course code, course title, address, date of submission, enrollment number, signature in full, mobile number, etc. You will need to submit the assignment at the time of filling the examination form. No doubt, this is one of the most important IGNOU assignments preparation tips.

2. Read IGNOU Help Books Comprehensively: The good thing about the preparation for IGNOU Assignment is that you are not all alone. There are so many help points available for you. You can bank on IGNOU Help Book to answer the questions that will come in the assignment. The good thing about the help book of a reputed publisher is that it makes you learn all that you need, and do not clutter your mind with non-essentials. Therefore, by referring through the books of a publication of repute you will learn a lot of things, like what types of questions will be asked related to your course, how should you approach an answer and how to make it concise, informative and complete in all aspects and that too without spending much time. Indeed, this is one of the most important preparation tips for IGNOU assignments.

3. Refer to Assignment Reference Material: The good thing about assignment reference material is that it contains all those things that are required for writing your assignment impressively. There will be tips and tricks, concise study materials related to your course, the process of writing, important things to take into consideration, how to make your answer concise and effective, what should be included and what should be omitted, how to attract the eyes of your examination on your paper, so on and so forth. Simply put, it will be like a complete bunch of help at the time of assignment submission. By referring to these assignment reference materials, you will yourself come to know that yes, it was one of the most vital IGNOU assignments preparation tips.

It is important to note here that the above-mentioned tips include but not limited to the tips for IGNOU assignment preparation.

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