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How to Write Non-fiction Book (2018)

In the lines of Hillenbrand, “With non-fiction the task is very straightforward. Do the research, tell the story.” There is a thin-wafer line but, important difference between fiction and non-fiction book. In fiction book, you are the driver of the story that you choose, you enjoy full control over it. If you write a love story, only you have to decide, whether you want to give it a happy ending or not, no one can raise their accusing finger for that. Fiction, not being real, happens to be the brainchild of the writer, and nobody can claim its parentage. On the other hand, in non-fiction book, you can’t make any factual error. Its presentation part is only thing that is in your control.

If you are the one who want to know as to how to write non-fiction books, the below-given tips can prove to be of great help and benefit:

  • Choose your favourite subject: Mind, do what you do the best. Do not settle for less, when you have good reasons to believe that you have something substantial to write for, show the world your ability, make your book speak through the minds of your prospective readers. Choose the subject/topic, you feel/people complement that you have got comprehensive knowledge about.
  • Make an outline of the Manuscript: Make an outline of your content or manuscript. You may not be able to decide as to how many will be the number of pages of your book, but you may think tentatively, not to make it of more than 250 pages. I do not say that voluminous book is not interesting, but in that many pages, if your readers ask more, you can come up with second book with a famous tag with your name. Making an outline will give the direction of the book.
  • Need not write in sequence: After you decide the subject, chapters, tentative pages of your to-be-published book, you need not start writing from one chapter onward. You may write middle pages in start and the initial pages later. You can always arrange these in sequence. But, write down the content/material that you think, will help you write first chapter or the last one. You can make best use of these while writing the relevant chapter.
  • Make good research: A non-fiction book need to be utterly informative thoroughly researched and of course very well presented. While writing book, make extensive probe, thorough research, meet with the people with good knowledge about the topic that you write, Google the fact, be doubly sure of the authenticity of what is written and never be factually incorrect. Apart, do not forget to credit the source, you have taken some facts from.
  • Find a Good Publisher: When your manuscript is complete and ready to see the light of the day, do not make the mistake of finding any publisher who comes first to you, or makes some extraordinary promises about the promotion of the books, or gives you iron-clad guaranty of selling millions of your copy. I think you should treat your book like your garden and hence you should not hand over it to any gardener whose credibility is yet to be established. Finding a reputed publisher is indeed as important as it is to know as to how to write non-fiction books.

It is important to note here that the above-mentioned tips include but not limited to the tips on how to write non-fiction books.

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