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How to select best IGNOU Help Books (2018)

The very purpose of establishment of the India Gandhi National Open University or IGNOU was to provide distance education in India. The very concept of distance education was mooted as to provide better and standard education to the remotest students. With the introduction of distance education, even the less advantaged sections of the society became able to get the education that was at par with the national standard and able to provide better knowledge, understanding of the subjects and career opportunities.

Though the study material of IGNOU is developed in such a way so that its students could understand each and every chapter without any problem or difficulties, but in order to remove the doubts, queries and to make the content more and more reader friendly, publishers have come up with the IGNOU help books. But, those students who wish to read these books, find it difficult to select the book that could best serve their purpose, given the astronomical number of publishers that are in this field. Almost all the publishers make same type of claim with some alterations in the sequence of their claims. In order to help all of them, given below are some of the tips on how to select best IGNOU Help Books. I think these tips will certainly help you select the best book available in the market.

  • Do not decide the book by cover: The students of your age tend to get mesmerized by the dazzling cover. Though cover of a book is important, there is no denying of the fact, but you will not be asked questions from the cover, rather from the chapters that this book contains. There are some publishers that use recycled paper. I appreciate them , for they think in national interest. They know trees are cut to make papers. So, they use the recycled papers. Not judging a book by its cover is one of the important things on how to select the best IGNOU help books.
  • Find a publisher of repute: Some publishing companies tend to open and close overnight. It is really very turbulent industry. And the publisher that does not start publishing as an accountability to provide better books to the students, whose very intention happens to be to earn as much as possible, wind up overnight, can never be trustworthy. When you come across certain book, do not forget to check its authenticity, till the time it is in the market and how many titles does this publisher have in the market. Knowing these things is not difficult, you can know all with the slightest effort.
  • Take Help of Google: Agreed, you can take help of your seniors, friends, close acquaintances and know about the books you can trust for your IGNOU Help Books. But, in a quest to educate you on how to select the best IGNOU help books, I will rather recommend you to Go for Google. In today’s digitalized age, it can prove to be of your most Faithful Friend, provided you know how to use it judiciously. You can type IGNOU Help Books and press the enter key. Google first page will suggest you the names of the top publishers there. You can select the one that catches your eyes.

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