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If you are an aspiring writer and looking for how to publish a book or  all set to publish your manuscript then you need to get ready for lots more workload. For those who are planning to go to traditional publishing then publisher will take care of the most of the steps. On the other hand, if you opt for self-publishing route then here is checklist that needs to be followed.

If you are first time self-publishing author then you need to work really hard. The team will comprise of the experts and experienced professionals. The given below checklist will offer some of the basic guidelines which will be assist you in forming  solid plan which can be used for self-publishing your book.

  • Deliver Your Best ContentThere are various ways to start writing, as some of the authors write according to the market and follow the most popular genre of the time. On the other hand, some of them write according to their instincts. You must write the best book and put your best foot forward. A good book comprises of all, i.e. drafting, revisions, beta readers and editors. It is very important that your manuscript need to be edited  or go for a formal copy editor. It would be advisable to send your manuscript to some of professional freelance copy editor. The freelance copy editor will concentrate in various significant issues such as style, grammar and steadiness issues. You must be aware that manuscript which is around 80, 000 words, will need a copy edit for two weeks. Another major thing to be considered is that good copy editors need to be pre booked one month in advance.
  • DesignAfter the copy editing of manuscript, the next step will be designing. You need to start with cover design. There are various authors which can place their own cover design with the aid of some popular tools like Canva. It would be advisable to hire a professional designer, as cover is the one of the major marketing tools. Another major thing to be considered before you go and hire a cover designer, you must research and analyse some of the best selling books which will be similar to your genre, theme or readers. You need to check out two or three covers of your choice and pen down almost hundred words which explains the reason why the cover appeals you. Thus, you will be able to explain a creative brief to your freelance designer which will prove to be immensely beneficial in designing the cover. You need to finalise other major topics like title, subtitle and book description. You need to use all this description at all the retailers which will be printed on the back cover design.If you write two or three versions of book description in varied length, i.e. from very short one to short and one longer one. You can create a front cover for your book before editing which will be followed by final title/subtitle, book size and the look of your cover.
  • Back Cover DesignThere is only front cover design in most of the ebooks and no back cover design. On the other hand, if you are going for print-on-demand edition then you need to have a backcover and spine. Most of the traditional publishers often go for front cover design first, whereas the back cover design and spine are not completed until the publishing date gets closer. Designing of spine is impossible until you are not aware of the accurate page account. In case your page count is decided and you are aware of printers or PODs then your cover will be designed completely. There are various authors who like to add appreciation or blurbs on the cover design. If you also want to do like this then you must start collecting such blurbs and need to be done before the start of cover design process. In case, your blurbs are not yet gathered then tell your designer to add dummy text and replace it later.
  • Interior DesignFor those who have more time and money to invest can go for interior designing of the book.You can make your designing more attractive by hiring a designer who can work over the interior of your book. Before considering the interior designer for your book, you can check the following:Basic template designs are ideal for books with body text. You can also check Joel Friedlander’s Book Design Templates which is a cost effective way for the production of appealing print interior. You can apply his templates in generating e-book files.
  • If you are opting for template system then there will be considerable reduction on the required time for book production.
  • If your book has lots of styles or elements then custom interior design will be a major requisite. For instance, illustrations, graphics, or any color elements forms the major part of your book then your designer needs to know their appropriate set up which leads to great output values.

If you are planning your book to undergo both print and ebookedition then you need to ensure that final text of both the edition will be same after using InDesign. EPUB files can be exported by InDesign which can be done by professional interior designer. Independent ebook formatting professional will prove to be immensely beneficial for your book.
Before the start of interior designing process, the designing list comprises of Chapter title and chapter opener

  • Sales and MarketingThere are varied ranges of ways for marketing of the book. For instance, you can go for a quiet launch like announcement on blog. On the other hand, you can also go for some hardcore marketing which includes advertisement and blog tour. You can also submit your book for the review of readers, creating a marketing plan on social media etc. A well planned marketing campaign needs to be executed for the promotion of your book. Some other popular ways for book marketing includes giveaways, newsletters, sales, advertisement and social media. So, it would be advisable to create a plan to make your writing and publishing smooth and hassle free.


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