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How to Overcome Exam fear ? Top 10 Ways to Reduce Exam Fever! (2018)

During our student life, examination is one of the most significant parts in building our real personality and attitude towards the upcoming pressures. Examination is one such term which has the capability to place pressure on us irrespective of the kind of exam we are going to face. It could be a simple school examination or board preparation or entrance exam we have to struggle through immense anxiety and stress. The present blog discusses on the topic how to overcome exam stress.

Varied Kinds of Exam Fever

Examination stress or anxiety is a type of emotional reactions that most of us experience during pre-examination phase. We cannot avoid this stress, as our performance in any major exam changes the course of our lives and career. This is the major cause behind the stress which we experienced. Here are some of the kinds of exam fever, which all of us have experienced at some time of our lives.

  • Physical Signs – Here the examinee suffers from headache, tension, nausea, diarrhoea, excessive sweating, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, knotin the stomach, light-headedness and may lead to severe
  • Emotional Signs- The examinee will be angry, restless, doubtful, helpless and disappointed.
  • Behavioural Signs- The examinee will not be able to concentrate and will have negative thinking. He/she will not be sure about an answer and will be blank.

When you have not fully prepared your subject then examination fever of varied kinds emerges out. This might be due to bad study habits, mugging up one night before examination, waiting for last minutes preparations and unorganised notes.

All these factors contribute to the stress and examination fever which most of us experience. Another major factor which may lead to exam fever is getting disturbed with the previous test performances. This will create a negative atmosphere in your mind and you will not be able to concentrate on your studies fully.

Here are how to overcome exam stress:

  • It would be advisable to be prepared by checking your syllabus thoroughly. You can also ask your teacher regarding the best available material for the respective syllabus.
  • Another great technique of reducing this examination stress is by applying context dependent memory. This psychology term is effective as it means that memory works sharper in samekind of environment. For instance, examination rooms are usually quiet, so stimulate such environment while exam preparations.
  • Class notes play keyrole in making good as well as helpful notes for the examination. You must attend your classes seriously and take the notes sincerely. While struggling through exam stress, you must go through such classroom prepared notes.
  • Time management is one of the major factors behind every success saga. You should learn to manage time and get best results out of it. You must break up the study time of all your subjects.
  • Find the most comfortable place to sit while preparing for examinations. You must find apt place for preparation like proper lighting, fresh work space, silence, no background sounds etc.

Start Exercising

Besides these important tips, you can also reduce stress by doing some exercises. You can apply these positive steps in your lifestyle and they will be helpful in stress reduction as well as attaining your objectives. One month before the examination, you must follow these advices for freedom from stress.

Wake up early in the morning and sit quietly with folded legs and closed eyes for almost half an hour. Concentrate on your subject and preparations done for the upcoming examination. With meditation, you will be able to focus on your studies only.

You must start a walk or cycle for thrice week for almost twenty minutes. This will refresh your mind and body. Moreover, you would be able to concentrate your studies in a better manner.

You should never ignore physical activity or playing outdoor game, as this will make you feel fresh and light. Thus, it would be advisable to go for swimming or playing any of your favourite sports at least twice a week.

You must not sit and study in a cross legged position on the ground. This will have bad effect on your knees.


One of the most common things which we do when we are in examination stress is overeating or eating lots of unhealthy and junk food. This practice needs to be stopped with immediate effect, as you may lead to some severe health diseases during the examination time, which is not at all good. Moreover, you may tend towards obesity, which in itself is a disease.

Relax Yourself with Some Easy Ways

If you really want to get rid of all the stress and anxiety related to exams then you can also apply these few little known techniques. They will assist you to relax and control your stress.

  • With the center of your palms, close as well as cover your eyes. You must ensure that hands are not touching your eyes with lower parts of palms on cheekbones, whereas fingers on forehead. You should not touch your eye balls. Now, visualize some imaginary beautiful scenes which may soothe your soul. Continue this practice for two minutes.
  • Another great relaxation technique is sitting comfortably with good position on a chair. Now, start inhaling slowly through the nose and fill the lower section of your lungs followed by upper part. Now you must hold your breath for a couple of seconds and then exhale through the mouth. Repeat this cycle for some time.

If you follow the given-above tips, you will be able to dispel the phobia of exams.

We all are aware about the immense strength of our minds. Mind has the potential to function according to you or against you. If you have an attitude for adjustment and visualise your success then your mind will control the exam fever and make you accomplish your objectives successfully.

Thus, you must start exam preparation before, during and even after exam. Developing good study habits will be helpful along with stimulation of exam conditions. You must form a continuous pre-exam pattern as this will assist in creating good test-taking skills. Always have faith on yourself and must remember that you have immense potential to overcome biggest of your fears.

It is important to note here that the above-mentioned tips include but not limited to the tips on how to overcome exam stress.

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