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How Can You Make Money Writing Your Own E-book (2019)



In this digital world, Ebooks are all set make their marks as they are regarded as one of the most shared books across the globe. If you consider in terms of sale, they are quite far behind the traditional print books. The present blog will throw light on how to write an ebook fast.

But, they are getting published and shared a lot amongst the book readers. For all those writers out there, ebooks are certainly a great business opportunity.

Earlier, there were just two ways of getting your book published. Firstly, you need to visit a publishing house and wait for their decision.

And the second option was that just go to a vanity press and pay money to get your book published. However, with the advancement of technology, there is an option of self publishing your e-book at cost effective rate.

For instance, if you are finalising a high quality cover then get ready to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars.

How To Create ebook  : Significance of Ebooks

With the usage of electronic media, the Ebook is created. Nowadays, more and more writers are opting for writing ebooks.

If you are a writer and planning to write an ebook then it is easy and inexpensive to produce it. The process of publishing is also quite simple. Here are some of the key advantages of writing an ebook:

  • With ebook, you can surely make some good money.
  • You write an ebook and share for free, as you want to promote your expertise in a particular subject. Few people write ebooks for free to enrich the lives of others.
  • Digital books have surpassed hard cover in the year 2010 on Amazon and

Some Key Facts

If you have decided to write and publish your ebook then get ready for a long and hectic process. Moreover, you must have lots of patience.

The hardest part of writing an ebook is its marketing. The launch platform of your e-book must be very authentic and solid. Once you have completed the writing process then you need to devote a lot of time in its marketing.

  • You need to channelize your time between writing and building platform.
  • While working on your ebook, you need to spend just 10 to 20%, whereas building a strong launch platform certainly demands 80 to 90% of your time.
  • A good blog is a perfect launch platform for your ebook, as people would be able to relate with you which leads to good sales.
  • Before completing your ebook, it is necessary to form some genuine ad loyal online relationship with the help of social media, leaving comments and no spams.
  • At the time of sale of your ebook, this strongly formed network will play a major role in selling your e-book.

Good and Relevant Topic

Choosing a very good and relevant topic will do wonders for your ebook. You need to search a lot with seriousness. There are various sites which suggest some good and reasonable topics to make your ebooks a huge success in the world of book.

Non-fiction Ebook

If you are planning to write a non-fiction book then you can go for ‘How To’ books. Topics covered under ‘How to’ are apt for ebooks. All you need to do is just start writing. Another winning topic is writing about some of the most common fears. We are suffering from huge range of fears such as diseases or problems in our family, financial crisis or death fear. Thus, if someone addresses such kind of fears and gives some sound and effective remedies for them then get ready for sure shot win, as you are relieving people from their fears. Lastly, if you put an end to someone’s curiosity then this ebook will prove to be the most captivating and popular amongst all.

Write on your Favourite Subject

Before you finalise your topic, you must find out your expertise in it. If you feel confident enough and have earned immense praise from people regarding this topic then simply move forward. It would be advisable to go ahead with topic about which people question you.

Another great way to choose your topic is the hot discussion which is making rounds in the social media. If you think that you can address this topic in a thoughtful way, then this will be a great choice.

Writing Software

If you are looking for popular ebook writing software then you may go for Scrivener for Mac or Scrivener for Windows. For those who are looking for free options then you may go for Google Drive or Libre Office.


Amidst the highly competitive digital world, you need to write a title which is simply outstanding. An eye catching title which gives a glimpse of book is ideal.

Potential Audience

If you want to create a good and enjoyable product then you must consider yourself as a reader.  This will be helpful in developing a good final product. There are a few things which you need to consider like who will be the potential readers, who will promote your ebook and would you be able to sell your ebook?

You must concentrate on limited set of people and build your marketing strategy around them. For instance, if your book deals with first job struggles then your target audience will be recent high school or college graduates. It would be advisable to promote your ebook on free ebook downloading sites.


So, you have made an entry into the world of ebooks! While pricing your ebook, you need to think quite competitively. After making a name of yourself in the book world, your newly attained success will enable you to charge more. Word of mouth marketing and book reviews will act as a catalyst to make your book a great success.

Digital Marketing

In the world of social media, you must go for free marketing via various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Digg, and Delicious. You can publish snippets of your book in various social media sites which will lead to huge publicity amongst the potential readers. Thus, get set to write a great ebook by developing an attractive product which will be followed by unmatched marketing strategy. All these will certainly help you in writing an ebook for profit.

Hope you got a good idea of How to Create ebook or How to make an ebook.

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