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Gullybaba Invokes Environmental Awareness

Sanjay Gandhi, the veteran Congress Leader and son of Late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi once said, “Each One Teach One, Each One Plant One”. And Gullybaba Publishing House Private Limited, already a numero uno publisher of IGNOU Books, does both the things, quite admirably.

In a quest to make the environment of Delhi Greener and Cleaner, Mr Dinesh Verma, an accomplished writer, social activist and director of Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd. today distributed plants to the visitors at VIP Park, Keshavpuram.

There were so many attributes associated with the ceremony of plant distribution organized and conducted by Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd. on 05th May, 2018 that made it a phenomenal success. Some of these are given below:


  • Foreknowledge of the Ceremony: Since May 01, the pamphlets were being distributed in the nearby areas to make people aware of the day and timing of the distribution of the plants. More than 2000 pamphlets were printed so that maximum number of people could be informed about the ceremony well in advance.


  • Free Distribution of Plants: Contrary to the popular belief that “nothing worthwhile comes free”, the plants were presented to the visitors free of cost. The motive of “free” distribution and advertisement of the “event” was to make more and more people aware of the scheduled ceremony and make them immune of the thought of the “price” of the plant so that they can focus only on where to plant and how to make it grow.


  • Stupendous Response: It is rightly said, “the success of an event depends on the response of its target people/group”. And this is where the event organized by Gullybaba Publishing House got an edge over all similar events. People were seen making a beeline for the plants since 6 a.m. and people from almost all age groups participated with great enthusiasm and zeal.


  • Devotional Offerings: “Kuch Meetha ho Jaaye(Let’s have some sweetener)” has become buzzword of the events. And for that GPH had halwa(porridge) in the form of devotional offering. The sumptuous dose of tasty halwa made the visitors’ empty stomach filled with food of festivity.


  • Exceptional Hospitality: In the lines of Danny Meyer, “Hospitality is almost impossible to teach. It’s all about hiring the right people”. Exceptional hospitality could become possible only because of the association of right people with Gullybaba Publishing House Private Limited. Who’s Who of almost all walks of life contributed heartily and heavily for the Environment Awareness Drive under the Auspices of GPH.


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