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Great Opportunities for Interns in Gullybaba (2018)

Gullybaba, after making its present felt in IGNOU Help Books and Study Materials, is now providing great opportunities for interns. According to a survey conducted by educationists associated with Gullybaba, the institutes that provide facilities for interns do not equip them with the skills that are required for them to grab a job and/or for career advancements. And this is one of the important reasons why a decision was taken to provide great opportunities for interns in Gullybaba.

Just to start with, Gullybaba Private Limited invites those who have degree in Mass Communication and flare for English writing. According to a close associate of GPH, Mass Communication requires lots of on job training and most of the institutes that claim to provide sufficient exposure to the students pursuing this course, fall short on actually doing something substantial for the students. And this is the reason GPH has decided to invite Mass Com. Students for an internship program.

Content writing is another important field that needs genuine interest of the responsible institutes of today. Though there are some courses related to content writing, but these are more on paper and less on training and skill development. In content writing, where technicalities is less and teaching is more, what needs to be done is to harness the potential of its students and give them proper direction so that they could themselves be able to pave their ways for future career progression. And this is one of the dominant reasons why Gullybaba provides great opportunities for interns in Gullybaba who want to make career in content writing.

There are a number of reasons why Gullybaba is ideal for the interns of today. Some of these are given below:

Focus on Practical Aspects: Needless to say the practical application of a theory need not be the same. Rather, it invariably differs. And this is where Gullybaba makes all the differences. It does not make the interns more bookish, theory-lengthy. It teaches them how the things flow in reality, how the work like video shooting starts, progresses and raps up. Whatever the students have learnt so far, they come to know about their actual applications, and not mere the counter opinion or second views of the concept.
Great Platform to Learn: The interns of today become interns of an institute/company for the purpose of getting certificate and learn some great skills at the end of the stipulated time period. But, the institute/company does not provide anything substantial in the lack of intention, infrastructure and other important things. They just try to hire some fresher and make them do the job they might not get any benefit once they start full-fledged job, or make their CVs look impressive. But, Gullybaba is unique in the way that it provides conducive platform for the interns to learn lots of things, prove their abilities and prosper in their career.
Globally Recognized Certificate: The interns, at the end of the expiry of their tenure with the company/institute, do not become able to get more than a letter of association. Though they work hard, but the concerned company or institute make them work hard in wrong direction and that proves to be futile in future. They get what they had not asked for and what they had asked for eludes them. Gullybaba on the other hand, has an edge over all these as it provides certificate to all the successful interns with letter of appreciation thanking them to take their time for GPH and do their damndest to show their mettle. Globally recognized degree provides great opportunities for interns in Gullybaba to show their dominance and prove their prowess when they apply for a full-time job.

The above-mentioned points include but not limited to the points that make Gullybaba an ideal place for the interns of today.

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